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I quit my job last month because I started an access course to go onto uni to do a nursing degree. Since quitting my job, my anxiety seems to have eased off ever so slightly, even my nan has noticed a difference in me. Sure its still there and does creep back now and then. I'm really enjoying my course as its giving me something to focus my mind on and stop me thinkin too much about my anxiety. I am a bit concerned about starting uni next year tho as 50% of the degree is work placement. Although I love the idea of doing this I'm also scared of my anxiety starting to take over again.


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7 Replies

  • Hi, this sounds like things are going in the right direction for you. You may find that the course is so interesting and absorbing that you dont start with any symptoms. I find if my mind is not occupied i then start to become anxious and panic. Hope all goes well.

  • Hi! I must admit that I am envious of you! I plan to do the same courses as you next year. I only wish I had thought of it earlier. You have plenty time to work through these feelings until you start placement.

    I wish you every success :D

    Take care heiders x

  • What was the job you left? Was it anthing to do with nursing or is it that you are now going into a prifession that you want to do and this is why the anxiety is subsiding . Good luck in your future venture. Steve

  • I worked in a bookies, it was long days sometimes and the job was quite boring yet sometimes quite stressful. It started to become more of a sales job which is not my strong point anyway. Nursing has been my ambition since I was younger so I'm hoping my anxiety will go away as I'm doing something I enjoy. Thanks for the great comments :)

  • Well there you go! You have left a job you don't enjoy to persue somethng you have wanted to do and have an interest in, we tend to work for a long time so better to enjoy what we do than have to make ourselves go to work and hate it! The very best of luck with your new vocation.


  • Best of luck, and big hugs for the stress : )

  • Stress is good when it keeps you focussed on learning, but in excess is unnacceptable.

    You want to be a nurse, and you are receiving an education to help you to achieve this position. Try to remember that you will be taught on a daily basis, and as long as you focus on a daily basis, you will achieve the standards required. The training is designed to make you capable, not to defeat you. One day at a time. Best wishes.

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