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Health Anxiety as usual

So my two-yearly sight test comes round and I worry worry worry that of course everything WON"T be okay.

At best the optician will say I have cataracts forming (at my age - I don't think so - but my mind says quite likely) or at worse I'll be told to go straight to my GP for urgent referral due to something she's spotted.

Reality is she does extensive tests for glaucoma etc etc and everything is fine.

I'm really relieved and feel relaxed yet within two days I'm off on another worry worry worry about my health.

Will it never let up!

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Hi. Bramwell. Sorry to hear your problem I know!! I had, some few years ago, an op for a Prostate problem. (You ladies can be thankful you haven't got a Prostate. I know, you have other things we men haven't). I worried myself sick for days before. I had had a few years with this problem and I am sure it set me back a lot in my Anxiety state. Come the day of the op I was a nervous wreck. Went in. It took about 30 minutes to do with a laser.No problem whatsoever. Came out the next day and what a relief. Dr. Weekes, in one of her books talks about her cat that had to be neutered. He came home and was not seen for a couple of days. Then he came back as was chasing the birds as usual. She says "Now had that cat sat and thought ' My goodness, I'll never get over this, they have taken my Cathood away, what will I do". He would be sitting there now, a nervous wreck. You will look back on all this and have a laugh. YES YOU WILL. (See, if you can at the moment, the funny side of this). Not easy and I am not diminishing you feelings. A lot of us have been where you are now. Take heart. Love and blessings. jonathan.


I know the feeling! everytime I have a test for anything I`m terrified that they`ll find something really wrong with me. Iv`e a hearing test coming up, & I`m scared that I`ll be told I need a hearing aid or something, even though I`m not having problems with hearing, just a routine thing for over 50`s.


I am on high testosterone replacement ..... and continue to have a PSA check every few months ....

I still don't understand why the GP is so concerned - but he states that I am in a higher risk group for prostate cancer ... can you explain ?


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