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Should I go back on the tablets?

I have taken Citalopram some time ago but I feel that I am now having my anxiety attacks back. I want to go to my GP who is very supportative but I feel a failure. I have not excersised for two years as I feel I have no energy, but deep down inside me I want to look good again.

I feel low all the while and feel worthless which brings these attacks on,cannot breath , feel I am having heart failure, getting hot, the cycle continues.

What should I do go back on the tablets?


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Hi. cjinks. You must be guided by your doctor as to whether you should stay on the tablets.

If the tablets are not working then have a chat about it, there are others. 'No energy' is a classic symptom. Every one of the symptoms you describe are classic. In fact, I doubt if anyone in an anxiety state has not felt totally drained at some stage and had all the symptoms you describe. Why do you feel a failure? Failed at what? Worthless? To whom? I can assure you you are not a worthless failure to anyone on this site!! BECAUSE WE HAVE ALL FELT THE SAME at some time during our illness. If everyone who has had an Anxiety attack and thought they were going to die actually did so then the population would be halved overnight! You haven't exercised, So; it wont hurt you not to in your present state. And who wouldn't get hot. Thrashing oneself all the time would make anyone hot. (Try over revving your car engine for ten minutes and see what happens!). TRY and go with it. Don't fight. Go back to your GP and sort out the tablets and ask for a check up. They will do it and you will at least be re-assured. Bless you and good luck. jonathan.


Hi Jonathan

Many thanks for your response, I am so glad that someone is listening to me. I will go back to my GP and try to excersise and feel positive (but hard at the moment)

Many thanks anyway for your response - appreciated


Hi. cjinks. And let us know how you get on. We are ALL listening though not all necessarily respond. Blessings. jonathan


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