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Public Transport

I have severe anxiety/panic attacks if public transport is mentioned. I cannot go near trains, aeroplanes, airports and stations. i am okay on buses as its on the only thing thats gets me from A to B. I stopped driving two years ago..but may try again in 2013. I have never had problems with transport before 2010 until I had a nervous breakdown in 2010. Is there anyone out there that suffers from the same thing and how they overcome their fears?..


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There's a positive in that you find buses okay...have you had any CBT or NLP.. I'm sure the fact that you seem okay with buses can be used to help slowly but surely allow you to gain confidence with other forms of transport. it may mean addressing some of the fears head on but this is done in a controlled way through CBT sessions, perhaps speak to your GP first, good luck. LVS



I couldn't t even go on buses this year in airplane.i had 4 months off work,I had meds and I m fine on buses and on train,but just the ones with window that i can open for fresh air.Still no tube but I m not interested.I would love to get back on planes cause my family lives abroad.I suppose one day I ll just have to buy the ticket and pray...all my progresses happens with cbt and the idea of not avoiding things cause makes things much worse!if u need to talk more I m here for you.



Thank you Train 80. I am so glad that I am not alone in this. If you want to talk I am always here for you. I have been thinking of buying a car today but I could not go through with it. It is just the thought of extra responsibility that I can do without. Keep in touch so that I am not alone in this.


Dreadful thing Liz! I am completely the opposite to you. I find buses horrendous. I went on a bus twice last Monday for the first time in years. I didn't have a choice, nobody was here to take me to an important meeting and I had no money for a taxi. So bus it was! I'm happy now because it's done with but I went through hell beforehand. I am sorry to hear about your breakdown ,poor love...had those as well. Breakdowns can make life total misery, but give it more time and get as much information as you can. It may always be hard Liz but it will be do-able love good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



First am congratulating to you,because you got confident to drive in 2013. I dont like to travel through buses. i like to travel with the help of taxi. take care of your health,dont be sad get well soon. i will pray for you. good luck.


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