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One of those days!

Today is just one of those days where almost a year ago I would have no doubt suffered some form of anxiety. I feel a little bit stressed but I'm taking it in my stride. I was up doing my usual dog walking routine at 6:30 this morning which was fine, I had everything organised and made my way to work but forgot to renew my weekly train ticket due to my mind running through everything I had to do today...resulting in a £20 fine. Great I thought...onwards and upwards. I am buying a weekly pass because I need to renew my annual one, so I went online to do this realising the cost is extortionate (money was my main lead to anxiety) so that was great but it needs to be done so I purchased the pass. I am now working until 5 as always, then have to walk the dog when I get in for an hour, then I have a doctors appointment that I can't move to any other date. So I plan to get in and be able to sit and make my tea at around 8:00pm today. As I say, should this have been a year ago I don't think I would have been so relaxed. But I know all of the tasks have to be done at some point so I'm getting them over and done with, and I am just concentrating on the simple things that I can't wait to enjoy, which tonight will be eating my lovely tea, sticking the heating on, cuddling up with my dog and catching up on Nigelissima and The Great British Bake Off.

Sometimes you just have to look through the horrible stuff and make a bigger deal of the nice things. I'm just being a bit impatient today. :)


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What a positive blog Mandy!and how far you've come since last year"

I bet it was lovely snuggling up with your lovely dog after such a busy day.

I get through many of my days by just focussing on a little bit at a time and having a treat to look forward to at the end. [I like "Bake Off" too].

I raise my hat to you, you describe how to pace yourself and get the most out of it.

I try, and hope to be there soon.

I found that when I allow that sometimes mishaps do happen [eg like you and your ticket!] I don't get as stressed,




Thank you Mandy for sharing that! I am just sitting thinking how much I have to get through today and wondering if to attempt to do it or tin out of it!!! It would be easy to decline....but thanks to you I am going to give it my best shot!. Well done you!!xxxx

BBO fan as well....xxxx


Hi Sandra and Ellabella,

Thank you for your replies. I was being a bit of a grump and needed to vent I think. I think it was just one of those days as it seemed to carry on until the late evening lol. And to top it off, the travel pass that I had a small stress about purchasing, I got back home yesterday to find my dog had ripped it to shreds. I had to call my other half to calm me down but I got over it lol. As you say Sandra 'mishaps do happen' and I've had to learn to accept that.

How great is the British Bake Off! although I know it finished last night. I recorded this weeks and last weeks (I was so tired on Monday I didn't get to watch it :( ) so I am saving them for a cozy duvet day.

I really found it was such an important thing for my anxiety to really find pleasure in all the small things. I had gotten to a point where I didn't enjoy anything and I almost had to teach myself to 'live life' again.

Both of your comments sound really positive, I think we are all tackling anxiety head on :)



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