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Having one of those days

Hi everyone. Having a bit of a moan as I am struggling with today. I had a terrible sleep last night. For some reason when im falling asleep I feel like my heart is going to stop or my breath is really heavy. Keeps waking me up. So I came into work today in a bit of a rough mood only to be inundated with difficult tasks. I dont get any satisfaction out of my job as it is and its days like this I just want to leave the office. I dont want to speak to anyone. My chest gets tighter with every enquiry that comes through and its often days like this where I go home suffering because I get myself so worked up. Some days I can just get on with it but add the 4 hours sleep into the mix...

Roll on 5 o clock.


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Chin up pal. Exactly the same situation last night, heart feels like it might stop and no sleep. I had a doctors appointment this morning so booked day off. I wish I was working though. Sat here on my own, with way too much time on my hands. However, I know if I was at work I'd want to be at home. Catch 22.

It's impossible to shake off the feeling, so unfortunately I have no advice what to do, the best I can offer is keep plodding along today. :-)



Hi iceberg. Did you mention the heart thing to the doctor? I find it odd because it never happens if i nod off on the couch, only when im going to bed to sleep properly.

Can I swap you roles today? Lol. Id like nothing better than to be at home. But bills must be paid :-(

You are right. Time to suck it in and get on with it (although ill be clock watcing all day)



yep mentioned it to the doctor, so now got a 24hr ECG to do. Personally I'd want some valium, but hey'ho, I'll go through another 3 weeks of feelinf like cr*p.

Swap roles? Last time I worked in an office, it made me a little stressed (in a no side effect kind of a way - so now I don't think I could go back to it). Luckily I am a landscape gardener, so very rarely have to meet people and can just get on with it.

Good luck with the clock watching. Try to keep ya head up.


Well I hope the ecg comes back ok. Mine came back fine when I did mine so think ill just have to live with it.

Ah a landscape gardener. That sounds lovely. Although I imagine this cold weather has made it difficult. Office work just isnt for me anymore. 8 years now and ive finally realised.

Thank you. I will try. I might go and make myself a nice strong coffee.


This is wot I was like so I left. Just turned 50 and time for a change. Good luck x


Hi missd

You left your job? I honestly wish I could. Im trying to do my own thing but im so impatient to leave it makes me feel down which I know is the wrong attitude.

Thank you. Good luck also x


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