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The Simple Things

Hi Everyone, I feel like I haven't been on here for ages! I just wanted to write about a beautiful magazine I came across recently. It's called 'The Simple Things'. It's a magazine focusing on normal people who write miniature blogs about the simplest things they love in life. Everything from talking about their city, to somebodies love of home-cooked bread. I think it was by focusing on small things such as these that helped me conquer my anxiety. Reading other peoples enthusiasm for things really spurs me on to enjoy my day. I subscribed to the magazine as I want a lovely collection as I think the magazine is so beautiful but here is an online website:

Hope everyone is well and happy today :) xxxx

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Hi Mandy26. Just looked up the site. What a find. I agree with you it is an unusual magazine. No modern hype or silly articles. Jolly good, especially the food recipes. Many thanks. jonathan.


Thank you Mandy! I am so pleased that you have been feeling so well and I will check out the link : ) x


I love this website, thanks for the reccomendation! There's a lot to be said for indulging in the smaller things in life :) x


Hi Everyone. I'm really glad you like it. It put a smile on my face when I found it and now I look forward to it every month. I would really recommend the magazine if you like the website as you get a lot more to read through :)

I agree Stars. Recently the smaller things have been so much more important.



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