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I suffer from a range of anxieties social anxiety /agoraphobia/phobias etc but lately I have had a rough time and getting stupid fears like bathing which I used to love so I shower which is fine cooking a meal and eating in front of anyone which is so odd but I get so scared why I am under doc and on paroxatine is this something something anyone else has had thanks x

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Yes I suffer agrophobia and another strange one that god knows how it started I needed a haircut I visited a barbers and ended up walking out halfway through never to go to a barbers again the barber said it sometimes happens something to do with a person standing behind me but my fiancé could cut my hair no bother. Another one is going to somewhere shopping for instance I get medium panics but as soon as I get in the car to come home I'm fine that's the trouble with anxietys it's the unpredictability of them you can be sitting there feeling fine thinking I'm having a good day then that's it I'm off panics sweats pains head spins ect till they calm down again you take care ......Mell


Many years ago in the 1980's I went through a phase of not being able to eat if I was alone.

I was still living with my parents then and if we had a meal together I was fine but when they went away on holiday and left me alone I really struggled to eat.

It just sort-of faded away after a year or so, and has never come back.

Weird what tricks your mind plays on you.


Hi Meadow, I have social trouble and feel much better on my own, although it causes me a lot of pain and sorrow. I can't eat in front of anyone....I can't swallow and have in the past had to run and get rid of what was in my mouth. I even once had to spit in the street as my throat just closed up and I was convinced I would swallow my tongue. Horrible , horrible damn anxiety. Different anxieties come and go love. I think I once had a bathing anxiety as well. I needed someone to be in the house while I was in the bath. That has long gone now. I'm sorry to be negative. I don't suppose that is what you wanted to hear. I wish you well xx


Thanku guys for all your help x


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