Parents - An Anxiety Trigger

Hi, after not the best relationship with my folks growing up due to their issues with drinking and other factors which meant a very dysfunctional upbringing for myself.

I am after 10 years living back in the same town as them, they are still having issues but I now have my own life and attempt to get on with it. However, I feel obliged to pay them a visit from time to time as they are my parents and when sober not bad people.

However, every time I go there (I went this afternoon) I get the worst stomach dwelling anxiety which effects the rest of my day. Not sure what is at the root of this really, or how I can prevent it apart from avoiding them!

Just wondering if anybody has had similar experiences?

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  • I did .. I don't want to go into details but my family are a bit like eastenders ! .. I live away from the area where I grew up and only visit my mother twice yearly which is enough.Please don't be obliged to visit them put yourself first. I know it may appear selfish but your mental health comes first and if it makes you ill it's not worth it.. take care xx

  • Thanks for your response, much appreciated. It was much easier to avoid them when I lived 200 miles away! Take care.

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