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I have social phobia (dianosed AvPD) and I am pretty much isolated.

I have had this most of my life (from early childhood, and had my first panic attack at 19 which I eventually understood to be agoraphobia) and used alcohol/Ativan/Valium to cope for most of my life before I got to rehab.

Struggled with AA and found an online alcohol support group which helped before I was diagnosed officially in 2006. I have had therapy, counselling etc etc and various attempts at medicinal remedies (and some quite frightening attempts).

Have just been given something from my new doc which seems to have taken the edge off (and without any reaction - so far).

I am quite satisfied with my diagnosis as it has answered a lot of unanswered questions, as did 10 months in rehab, but still feel there are other elements to my 'condition'.

Still struggle on a daily basis with *empty days* and any additional stress factors that life throws out.... especially now the gov't has moved the goalposts for disabilities and fitness for work. It's my turn, now, to be assessed and moved from Incapacity Benefit to ESA or Job Seekers Allowance. I am pretty stressed about it especially after hearing some horror stories.

I have pretty much got used to isolation as a 'preference' to social interaction (or any person interaction, including, pretty much, my family).

I feel safer online (to some extent) but it is preferable to face to face contact.


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HI, welcome. ive suffered with social phobia since for as long as i can remember and it is a lonely place. dont stress too much about medical interviews, i know thats easy said than done but you dont want to make yourself worse. i was on disability but have been on esa for two years now and next year i beleive it is going to change again but im trying to not think that far ahead. the people that carry out the medical interveiws are mostly not even qualified in mental health to understand and evealuate it which is quite unfair. i had one that i appeal against and one, she put on her reposrt that i go out loads and have friends and like being out!!!!!!!!at the time i was horrified but i fought it and all turned out well, just dont let them walk all over you. chat anytime. xxxx


HI GUYS about these medicals i thought and i am sure that a general doctor does the medical now he can not sign anyone off disability if they are in the care of psychi doctor check it out but i am sure this is right x


hi sam 1981 the disability is changing to pip. ive had agoraphobia for more than half my life i was 25 when i had my first panis attack it was never explained to me at the time that its caused by adrenalin. so it caused me to withdraw more & more. then 1 doctor commented on a form that i chose to be like this, i could of ripped his head off, the funny thing is i couldnt of even got to the surgery on my own to do it.i have since changed doctor as ive moved out of the area & got referred to the mental health team eventually after feeling suicidal. im now 58 but still fighting to overcome this.xx


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