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got my panic head on tonight !

quite anxious at the moment .Been diagnosed with high blood pressure at the grand old age of 48.. for someone anxious and panicky and has health anxiety like me this is awful .. I googled the meds I take and have found venlafaxine and diazepam can both cause high BP. Have to see GP Monday to start treatment.. I see the PDOC at the end of the month so I wonder will they change the meds..The nurse had to calm me down and say I was not going to have a stroke at the moment... This has certainly upped my panic/anxiety levels again.. Oh well at least it has scared me into dieting.. cannot think of a better appetite killer ! sorry for the rambling on x

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hello love, i will give you little advice, best natural remedy for high BP is fresh lemon juice, every morning squeeze a lemon add to it warm water and half a tea spoon of pure honey, drink it early morning before eating, i do it every day to keep my digestive system in track.


Hi,Sometimes high blood pressure is caused by anxiety when the body is under stress all the time ...or it could be the medicines you are on.i had the same prob few weeks ago and I thought were the meds,I found out later was the stress.i m just 32 So I was quite shocked!aftwr few days the blood pressure went down in his own but it can help some relaxation ,yoga or meditation.unless your problem is linked to the meds..On your body reaction to wishes


Hello try to chill out I know it isnt easy. I know you get a shock when you are told you have high BP and you think the worst but once you are on the right medication it should sort your blood pressure out for you. I have had high blood pressure for 40 years and been on several different tablets. Your GP will know what medication to try you on and if this doesnt work there are lots of other tablets to try. Try and stay calm so that your blood pressure doesnt go too high. Apart from high BP I have depression ,panic attacks, anxiety, diabetes, underactive thyroid and non epileptic attacks osteoarthritis, and ocular hypertension otherwise I am fit. I hope you feel well soon.


Hello, I have had panic attacks on and off for over 40 years, I have also been told that I have BP, which they prescribe propranalol 80mgs SR 2 daily, and I have been on valium over 40 years, am now not able to get off them, . I also have an under active throid, on thyroxine

After the death of my parents was put on anti- depressants. have been on several types, but at present am on 15mgs Cipralex.

My Husband has Altizheimer, so the stress and worry does not help the BP, or the panics,

I was married at 19, and think of how he used to be, It is very hard to stay calm

I also have agoraphobia, and depression, and not able to stay alone. Bless you from Lindenlea


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