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Im not alone!

Reading through the site bloggs makes me realise that its great to talk about these things no one who does not experience the feelings can relate to how we feel no matter how much they try.It is also almost comical how it effects my life, for weeks ive needed a haircut but cannot face the barbers ! I now loof fairly ridiculous and pretend im starting a new trend.

Feel better already, lets talk (type)

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hi jellyfish yep def good 2 talk ,everyone is really friendly ,ever want a chat just leave me a message !!


Hi Jellyfish, hope you're well.

I had the exact same problem. I needed to get my hair done and I looked horrific for weeks. I eventually bit the bullet and I felt so much better! I thought I would feel panicky but I didn't, I think I was focusing on my hair too much to care lol.

I also agree if people haven't experienced anxiety they won't understand. This site has really helped me.



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