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Hi everyone,

First of all, absolutely delighted that this site has been set up, what a great opportunity for all anxiety sufferers to get together and share their experiences.

I have recently finished around 40 CBT sessions to help me primarily deal with panic disorder and health anxiety. At the time, I was really struggling to do anything or go anywhere and when I joined Anxiety UK I realised that the nearest therapist to me was about 20 miles away; I live in Stafford and the therapy was available in Lichfield. I was concerned that the travelling to the therapy sessions would bring about more anxiety than not having therapy at all!

So I decided to go down the therapy via webcam route, which I admit I didn't know what to make of when I began. Somewhat bizarrely, one thing that did spring to mind was 'I'm paying £5 less for webcam therapy, so it can't be as effective!'

However, for anyone else considering it, I would strongly recommend it.

My main message would be that it is possible to strike up equally good relationships with a therapist via Skype as it is face to face. The only reason it costs less as far as I can tell is that a few techniques are not suitable via webcam, for example, putting a patient into an anxious state on purpose when the therapist isn't actually there may be a bit of a risk! But generally, I saw no major disadvantages to the process.

The reality is, you can still see the other person, you can still talk to them, still hear them and listen to them. Even better, you can do it without the inconvenience of travelling and remain within the comfort of your own home. I also imagine that it must be an incredibly useful and comforting service for those with agoraphobia.

Anyone who wants access to therapy to treat anxiety and who finds it difficult to get out and about, I would definitely recommend putting your technology abilities to the test and trying out webcam therapy!

Best wishes - FS

PS - By sheer coincidence I set up an anxiety related blog only a couple of days before the latest addition of Anxious Times came through the post and I read about this site... I will update it fairly frequently (he says... no I will, honest)! Here it is: theanxietytracker.blogspot....


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