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On the topic of soothing drinks

I noticed a lot of people on here have cut out caffeine and drink herbal alternatives. I have too. I've taken to drinking fruit teas. I remembered I used to drink a lovely instant tea before bed to make me relax from Whittards of Chelsea called Dreamtime:

They do some lovely teas but this was my favourite. I just thought I would share :) I plan to go and pick some up after work today. They do a lot of instant green teas also.


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Will have a look thanks x


clipper also have a good one called sleep easy only £1.39 for 20 bags have ordered some will let you know what they are like


Hi, have a go at Tulsi Tea. It is a stimulating drink that helps you beat stress and a good drink before bed. It also has other benifits, (best to look it up to see all benifits) there are lot's of flavours. x


I can't have anything with actual tea in it. Actually, after having saved time and bought a full caffeine coffee I am still shaky 5 hours later! My favourite herbal tea is Bengal Spice - cinnamon and vanilla. Gorgeous.

Have to admit to loving valerian tea, and anything with valerian in it. That's not so pure and virtuous though. I love valerian for its most welcome soporific qualities....


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