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my day so far

Today i knew i had to go uptown as i almost ran out of toothpaste and needed to get something for fathers day. I decided to go to the supermarket as thought it might be easier to go to one place. I was nervous all morning so decided to give myself a deadline when i was going to leave the house. i left the house and drove to the supermarket, all was fine just a bit nervous. my mum rang me asking me if i could get something for tea tonight. i walked into the supermarket my legs felt like jelly, my heart was racing and felt a bit light headed. i rushed around getting some sweets and toothpaste but just needed to get out as felt really bad by now. so went and paid at the self service tills as they were empty. i felt relief as i sat in the car. my heart is still racing as i sit at home now.

hows everyone elses day going?

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Hi Tash,

Sorry to hear your day hasn't gone too well so far. I'm currently on my lunch at work and today I am feeling OK after having a bit of a rough day yesterday.

I'm slowly getting better at dealing with my symptoms. Where at first I would sit quietly until they subsided, I really push through them now and get myself up.

I have to say I don't know if you're the same but I could sleep for England at the minute! I find fighting anxiety very tiring!!

Hope you're feeling better.



Hi Tash, sorry to hear that, jus remember you managed it though, you got the toothpaste which is what you went for and despite having the initial symptoms as soon as you walked in supermarket you still continued to get ur bits n pieces before you left that's definitely something to feel good about!! :) I find the same thing when I get anxious that I move at 100 miles an hour, I rush around,not seeing or paying attention to anything other than how anxious I feel. I think that must be the flight mode coming in force!! I find similarly that once iv had an attack the physical symptoms like your heart racing remain with me all day! Nicki x


Me too. I think it is the overthinking things all the time that makes me tired. My brain is going ten to the dozen with so many thoughts that by the time I have finished work I am falling asleep on the bus on the way home. I get those same panic feelings when I am in crowded places, like supermarkets or outdoor markets and avoided them for ages. I am trying not to avoid things as much, as my cbt counseller says I need to face these anxiety provoking situations, baby steps.

I think you did well Tash to get to the shop and get what you wanted. Keep going it does get easier.


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