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Can anyone advise me on how to cope?

I am new to this site but have found some of the things ive read very useful.I put a question on previously about confusion and feeling drunk etc,but just wondered if anyone had found anything that helps them cope better,im just receiving medication and counselling! I need to get my self sorted and back to work,and enjoying my life again, can anyone help/advise me! Ive had depression previously which i recovered from but this at the moment is something else!! I am now worried about my job and taking time off sick!

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Hi Kitty I dont think there is one particular method that will help you cope.I find coming on here has helped me a lot.I also use this website all the time .I too have just started CBT and hoping it will help me.I find it so hard to go to work but I go and I cope with it even though Im sitting there so anxious I get through it.Everyone is different stay strong x


I had councilling in1996 and it may or may not have worked. My health anxiety certainly did fade away but in 2008 it started to come back and has been with me ever since to some degree.

As I understand it from the councilling, anxiety will always be with you but it's more to knowing the triggers, realising it's just anxiety and keeping calm about it.

Not easy as I well know from my quaking fear at the latest illness I think I have.

Some people are naturally anxious (both my parents had symptoms of anxiety I've now realised years later) so it's no surprise that I too am an anxious person. Plus my life circumstances have heavily contributed to my background anxiety - things like nine job redundancies have all added to the instability leading to anxiety.

So my point is really that understanding why you're anxious (or why you become anxious more easily than others) is a big step and one which I try and tell my self when I'm on 'red alert' health anxiety.



I wish I could tell or advice you how to cope, but as sharonlou replied there probably is not one particular method that wil help you cope and I think all of us cope in different ways. You sound though like your being very positive and already trying different methods to help yourself fight back! I have been thinking of trying counselling but I am not sure if that would be a good method or not for me. Just started to read a book on cbt so will see how that goes, Hope you find something soon to get your life back on track!!


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