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Looking for the positive

I am married to such a positive husband! He's so rational and balanced emotionally...I am the opposite...and sometimes I feel like it must be a nightmare living with me when my Anxiety plays up...but here is what he said today and whilst I struggle to believe it myself I think it's important to keep believing.

"Anxiety is not something you can help, in the same way my knee plays up your anxiety flares up. (at which point I said that we don't need to cancel plans for his knee) he replied with "not at the moment but who knows what will happen. You have days where you are so happy and anxiety isn't part of those days. You have started your own business and you volunteer to help others who suffer from emotional distress, could you or would you have done that if you hadn't been through your breakdown? You are stronger and a better person for it"

And we are, we are stronger and better for suffering through these terrible times. And we are not alone - you and me we understand the terror, pain and discomfort we feel because of Anxiety.

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