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Hello everyone, how is everyone doing today? Does everyone find that even when you Are trying to have a good day you are still aware of your anxiety deep down inside? I find that I'm always aware of it and find it very difficult to switch off from it completely? X also do you find you're exhausted by end of each day? Iv noticed some people have mentioned about rescue remedy sprays etc, do they work?

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Hi yes if Im having a good day Im always aware of the anxiety and then I worry about not worrying..Im tired each day think its because your brain is constantly going and for me bed is my escape sometimes.


I find exactly the same thing, thankfully anxiety doesn't effect my sleep too much, going to bed is my only escape! What sort of anxiety do you have? How is your cbt going? I'm just waiting for a therapist to

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Hi I have Health Anxiety so my brain is constantly working overtime.I have only had to CBT sessions got another one on Wednesday.The first session was good as it was good to talk to someone.The 2nd one I was a bit disappointed with as I came out feeling that I had gained nothing.But because I have researched health anxiety so much my partner said Im tring to run before I can walk so Im going to keep at it


hi, me to having another anxious day i either wake feeling like this or something easy can trigger it off


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