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anxiety always triggered when feeling unwell

i have suffered with anxiety for over 10 years it was triggered off when i got a virus i just thought it was taking to long to get well it must be something more serious eg cancer! it took some time to get better off 3 months from work councelling and medication helped! was ok for 6 years till again it was triggered by feeling unwell was just a work when i felt strange shaking legs heart beating fast! did go to the docs but just gave me an examination and blood tests! so suffered on my own for 3 years without telling anyone i wish i would of nipped it it the bud early i did get the help eventually as i was having big panic attacks and not able to concentarate! that was 2 years ago and i have again started to be very anxious and had a big panic attack while at work but am determinned to get help this time havent slept in 3 days just feeling i cant relax! when i do relax i feel ill because ive had flu symtoms for the last week!

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You have got through this before dont let it beat you now stay strong and keep positive x


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