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Well another day in the fight of Health Anxiety

I sleep well but as soon as I wake up I get that sinking feeling of fear and dread.I try so hard to change the negative thoughts but so far have been unsuccessful.Hoping as I progress with the CBT it will help me change them.Once I start with the thoughts thats my day ruined.I have so far done 2 loads of washing changed the beds made breakfast and still the thoughts are there.I hate the feeling light headed churning stomach,constantly waiting for a new sensation in my body to worry about.How do you stop this cycle if anybody can help please please let me know

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hi there thanks for your post before! its trying to train your brain to think positive thoughts for the negative ones the cbt will help you with that! i always do things to keep my brain occupied that i like tv music stuff like that! there will always be good things to look forward too!


Thank you for your positive reply it means a lot x


your welcome x


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