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Hello everyone. i think i'm suffering from either anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder really bad. I want to go to the doctors but I'm worried what they will say. Can anyone shed any light on any experiences they have had with the nhs about this sort of thing? if not any they have had with other organisations? ive never dealt with anything like this before and I don't really know what to do.


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  • Hello Sarah, don't be afraid to go to the doctors as I have always found them sympathetic. I have even had to go to the out of hours doctor at the hospital and again they have helped.

  • dont feel scared sarah, there is lots of help out there you just have to go and get it. you called call the chatiry mind and have a chat with them they will deffinately help you. but would highly recommend getting some help private if you can offord it or nhs or charlty. dont suffer in silence please, chat anytime please. sam x

  • Thanks so much for all the advice. I have been hoping this would just go away by itself, but it just seems to be escalating but I've read some disappointing reviews about ptsd and the way the nhs deal with it so reading that some people have had a positive experience has helped alot. I have never been recommended MIND before so I think i'll give them a call, and get onto my doctors this week. I just want to move on and don't feel I can at the moment. Thanks again :) xx

  • Hi Sarah go to the doctors and tell them they will know how to help you.Dont be afraid they will have heard it so many times as I have discovered anxiety is so common good luck x

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