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hot sweats!!!!!

ive suffered bouts of anxiety over the past ten yrs im going to be honest id taken ectasy 1 nite ( im am nt a drug user just experimenting at time)& had a bad panic attack didnt sleep for 4 nights solid coz thought id die in my sleep it was hell ever since then my life has changed for the worse has any1 else had this type of experience also i got the most horrendous hot sweats when im out socialising or in wrk any1 else get these ?

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Hi freeyourmind.When I m nervous,anxious or at work I m sweating or the point that at times I had to have spare clothes with me!so you are not only in this.Reguarding drugs:drugs don t get on with sensitive people on the long run.drugs can bring out feeling that u never thoughts were there.positive or negatives.I would suggestion to stay away from them cause they will worsen your situation.especcialy ecstasy. Should be a no no!this is from my experience.I like drugs as well but I stopped taking them.they gave me ups and down in my mood,make me depressesd etc.i m faraway from instead I m on antidepressant cause of panick attacks.hugs and I hope you will feel better soon.please take my advise don t take drugs anymore for your own sake.


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