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Help With Chest Pain / ASD Heart Condition/ Anxiety

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Hello all. First and foremost thank you for taking the time to read this! Thank you. On May 11th, 2022 I was diagnosed with Atrial septal defect ostium secundum. This is a heart condition that I’ve had since birth & was recently discovered. It is a hole in the heart! Fortunately it looks like this condition hasn’t affected me very much at this time but if not repaired it can lead to very serious heart complications in the future! I’m in the process of getting this repaired through surgery or through a procedure (this alone is very stressful!!!) Ever since I found out about this condition I’ve been physically feeling very bad! I feel dizzy, weak, nervous, anxious but the thing that has really thrown me into panic mode is the pain I feel on my chest/heart. It is a constant pain on my chest that never goes away and actually brings daily scary quick 1 second shocks that increase the pain and feel strange. I’ve gone to ER twice because of this and I’ve seen 2 different Cardiologist. The Doctors say that the pain & discomfort I’m feeling on my chest and the other symptoms are not Heart related. They believe it’s anxiety related along with something else but not heart related! I find it hard to believe that this is only anxiety related but they are the Doctors! I’m I stressed, terrified, scared, anxious etc…. Ow absolutely…. No doubt about it! I’m also seeing a psychiatrist who recently put me on Xanax which has at least helped me sleep some! This week I’m getting a test done by the psychiatrist called Brain Mapping. The Doctor wants to see the results of this test to then medicate me. In the meantime I’m doing a lot of test and seeing the Cardiologist to see when and how I’m going to get my heart condition repaired. What I want to know is if anyone who suffers from anxiety or panic attack or depression etc have this constant pain on the chest area (center and leftside by the heart) that never goes away & actually intensifies at times during the day or night? If so what is it? What do you take for it etc? Or has anyone had ASD and felt these pains?

Thank you.

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Hi Alex, my nephew was also born with a hole in his heart (nickle size)Nothing was ever done but to watch it. Apparently it closed on it's own

and he went on to do weight lifting and then becoming a Fireman/Paramedic.

He's had no ill effects from this defect before it closed on it's own.

How was it that you went through 46 years of your life with no ill effects

until you got diagnosed with this issue? It is certainly a real physical issue

but it can very well be that anxiety has taken over by presenting you with

fears over something you had all your life.

Our minds are very powerful instruments that can allow us to feel physical

ills where we never felt it before. You are in good hands with the Cardiologists

but also believe in the Psychiatrist as well. Keep us updated on your progress.

I care :) xx

Hi AlexFlorida - I'm from UK and I have visited your State several times, beautiful part of the world. Now on to your post, thank you for sharing your cares and concerns about yourself with us. I will say straight away, I have had many health issues in my lifetime (I am a woman of 74 yrs) Stroke at 32, cancer at 40 and again at 45yrs, resulting in mastectomy in 1994. Knee replacement, hysterectomy, hypertension, PANIC ATTACKS - for more than 35 years, they began after the stroke. I have not experienced the heart condition you have been diagnosed with, but 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation this is when the heart goes off on a wild tangent whenever it wants to. The type I have is not operable - the majority of people can have their heart stopped and then restarted - I can't because the condition I have only happens spasmodically. Although it is distressing, and the symptoms I experience are similar to those you describe, I have learned to live with it. I have medication to control the hypertension - which suddenly drops to hypotension at times. I take Warfarin, and will do so for life. I also have a pill called 'fleconade' which is a 'pill in the pocket' to take whenever an episode presents, this pill usually works well, but sometimes does not. I have a firm trust and belief in GOD - I am also wise enough to know that not everyone shares my faith, and I have total respect for those people and their opinions. But Christianity is right for me. I have learned how to meditate in prayer and how to give my cares and concerns to GOD and to leave them with him. Do you have any hobbies that can calm you, music, exercises, reading, - a special place, someone who can talk you gently through your panic? Someone to 'listen' to what you want to say at the time you are suffering? Listening is a life skill and a gift, vitally important. What you experience - and I am not a doctor - is indicative of panic attack, stress, fear. Your doctor is probably right, this is not heart related, but is your own fear coming out - let's face it it is better to come out in some way, than it is to stay inside and tearing you apart. You have made a good start by sharing with us, now it is up to you to - you can meditate your way through this, but it does mean being strict with yourself, find a relaxation mode that will help. Read about MINDFULNESS, ensure your body is hydrated, drink plenty of non alcoholic fluid. Take back control over the parts of your body that you can control - this means leave your heart ailments and let the doctors deal with, but boost your mental attitude. If that means turning to GOD to pray - do it, even if you don't know him, He knows you and will be with you to give you support. You have nothing to lose! If you would like some exercises/meditations or if you would like some Bible passages that will help calm you down - let me know on this forum and I will provide some. In the meantime, I wish you well, and I will pray for you

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Hello Babe1213. Thank you for you message, for sharing things about your life with me and for helping me. I’m sorry for the late response. I’m not doing to well physically, mentally speaking and I also have a lot of pressures at home. What a struggle!!!Wow you’ve been through a lot! I mean a lot! I admire how positive you are! Yes I believe in GOD and I’m also asking for his help. I need all the help I can get right now! I’ve never been to the UK but I admire people from your country (due to history) and I’m a huge premier league fan! Huge.Thank you

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