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When I have anxiety I don’t “feel” like myself

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Hi, everyone.

Great to be part of a community actively working to get a better grasp on their anxiety.

I’ve had panic attacks for roughly 20 years. The way I “feel” and breathe always seem to be the trigger. Sometimes it like I hear myself talking , or I don’t feel “like myself”. I am wondering if anyone has felt similar and what has worked for them.

It tends to manifest itself in situations where I have had panic attacks (at dinner , on a plane , out of town while traveling). I get the feelings it’s my life’s just going to stop and go black. Very scary.

Any help is appreciated , thank you!

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Hi Arharr__ your thoughts can produce the way you feel as well asinterrupt the normal breathing cycle.

There is also a part of anxiety called derealization which can take you into

another place where you are hearing yourself talk and move. Our body is

over sensitized which causes many of the issues we experience.

The Panic Attacks are truly scary however you can avoid allowing them to escalate

by controlling your breathing immediately upon feeling disoriented. Slowing down

your breathing can reverse the rush of adrenaline as well as allow oxygen to stabilize

so that you don't hyperventilate which only causes other issues.

The key to using your breathing Arharr is to practice your breathing each and every day

no matter how you feel. Within about a month, your brain will have retrained itself to respond

to triggers and you will be able to float through these attacks. :) xx

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Arharr_ in reply to Agora1

Thank you. The derealization always scares me - like I’m never going to “feel like myself” again.

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Agora1 in reply to Arharr_

Arharr, believe in that one day you will feel like yourself again. :) xx

Thank you for sharing. I can relate to those anxious feeling and breathing and for no apparent reason. What helps me is chaning my focus as soon as I start to feel that anxious; knawing feeling as I call it. I try not to keep my fixate on the anxious feelings or negatvie thoughts.

I do an activity called 557 deep breating. The 557 breathing technique is take 5 deep breaths in while thinking good thoughts about yourself like I matter, I am special, I am strong and then hold the breaths for the count of 7 focusing on those words about yourself, then let out the breath slowly for 5 seconds letting go of any anxious, self-defeating, unhealthy thoughts. I do this one to three times a sitting.

I also do a gratitude journal which is writing down something good every morning and night something that went well in the day, or something I appreciate about myself. Taking our focus off of the anxiety and depression and focusing on positive uplifting things really helps. What you think is what you believe. So thinking uplifting things you believe those things but the reverse is true - thinking negative self-defeating things, you will believe those.

Lastly, I have found Emotional Freedom Tapping - bit.ly/3AVYNiX helpful too. You use pressure points to tap on those points while you repeat positive uplifting things to yourself.

I will be praying for you. Feel free to pm me if you'd like to chat. Hugs and God Bless

Thank you for this !

How are you doing this week? I have been praying for you. Hugs

Thank you so much!I’ve felt much better , still some anxiety , but good progress. Thank you so much for the prayers 😊

I suffer from derealization and currently am in that state. It’s terrifying. It’s cleared up in the past so I hold on to that hope. Good luck to you!

Thank you,Wishing you well!

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