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Mirtazapine dosage

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Hi…..just like to ask the question if anyone takes 45mg of Mirtazapine? I started off on 15mg then up to 30mg & currently taking 37.5 mg. However, I am feeling that it’s becoming ineffective & I am having a few issues that I would like dealt with, but as everyone knows getting to see a dr is nearly impossible. I did have a brief telephone conversation & all dr wanted to do was increase me up to 45 mg, but I said I would really like to discuss this more fully rather than just up the dosage. I also asked in March 2020 if u could be referred for cbt, which I was told they would do, but on speaking to the dr recently & asking why I hadn’t received an appt, I was told my referral had been rejected & that I did not require talking therapy. No wonder there are so many ppl that r suicidal as there is just not the help & support that is needed for mental health issues. Having said all that is there anyone out there taking 45 mg & feeling that it has improved their anxiety/depression. I’m just thinking if I increase & it doesn’t help……what then. Thanks for listening xx

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I'm on 45mg mirtrazapine, however mine is used to treat my sleep, I think, this medication is also used for people with neuropathy, and we have terrible problems trying to get a decent night's sleep, but I suppose we get depressed over the years with this condition, and this medication has been used by myself for nearly ten years, gradually increasing over time, I think we become immune to tablets, and I think even this dose isn't doing much these days, and I think this is the maximum dose, but I still think I'd be lost without it, my condition won't go away, but your anxiety and depression is slightly different, so maybe the higher dose will help matters, its a struggle for you , I'm sorry my answer isn't perfect, but hopefully the increasing dose will make you feel slightly better, best of luck 😇

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I’m trying to avoid increasing the dose, as I feel it’s too easy for the drs just to feed u with meds without actually discussing if this is going to be beneficial, that’s why I was asking just to find out what others thoughts were on this.I appreciate everyone giving me feedback. It’s good to know that ur not alone x

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Cb1963 in reply to Arlene99

Good luck, I understand, and hopefully things will work out for you in the future 🙏

Hi Arlene, we are all so very different when it comes to medication. I had a very similar experience to you and was put onto a higher dose of Mitrazapine then had it lowered etc, as my sleep was non existent they said the lower doses were more sedating but it wasn’t helping my anxiety, eventually the doctor put me up to 45mg. It still didn’t help my sleeping and in fact I felt very hyper especially at night time. I couldn’t get C.B.T and felt I was near to having a breakdown. I guess that you are also in the uk ?.I had to reach out to the Mental Health team a year ago and am still under them now. I dropped from 45 to 30 that I am taking now. It was a very tough time.

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Arlene99 in reply to Mightily564

Hi….thanks for getting back to me & yes I’m in the uk. I take 30mg an hour before I go to bed & I keep 7.5mg at my bedside & take it during the night ie if I’m up at the toilet. But ideally I don’t want to increase the dose, but would just like to have some talking therapy. But looks like that is not an option. So I feel I’m stuck between a rock & a hard place x

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Mightily564 in reply to Arlene99

It’s such a struggle I know. Have you tried talking to any of the free support groups like Mind or do you have any community hubs where you are ?. The calm app is good if you are feeling stressed. We are here if you want to talk a bit more. Xxx we are all in the same boat really. Take care. BBC.actionline was put up on the telly tonight why don’t you see if there is any help there. Let me know if anything helps.

hi me I got pill divider started quartering them and not much difference from taking 45mg.

I’m on this but only 15mg. Am thinking of asking go to increase a little because I think it would help me. Hope you’re ok.

I have been on 45 mg. for 3 years. It has not done much for my anxiety . I take it 2 hrs before bed, and sleep for 7 hours.

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