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High d dimer levels

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So I ended up in the er with shortness of breath and light headed, they ran some blood work and said my d dimer was high. the levels was 710. I guess they are supposed to be 0 to 399 idk im not a doctor anyways d dimer checks for clots they did a CT on my chest said I had no blood clots but qhy would my levels be so high? they sent me home said nothing was wrong with me and I am having a hard time accepting that I do suffer from really bad anxiety but I have just been feeling off the past week or so any ideas

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Hi there! Did they suggest that you follow up with your general practitioner?

I followed up with him today but he is going to do more blood work tomorrow

More blood work is good. From what I read the d dimer results can be elevated for numerous reasons, so further investigation is a good thing.

Didnt they want to keep u in the hosp or see a cardiologist

They did not. They said since they didn't see anything on the CT scan was no reason to keep me but I keep having this feeling that something is wrong. Could be the anxiety messing with me. My blood pressure oxygen levels are all good heart rate and rhythm are steady and good so they sent me home.


Not felt well all day

Glad they let u go home

The last 6 times I've had d dimer tests, every single one has been high. They can't find why. I've had test after test after test. They can't find any clots. I have had many doctors though tell me that d dimers are garbage though. If they're negative, great. If they're positive though, it means fibrin has been detected in your blood. If it was only clots that caused this, it would be easier to interpret results, but fibrin can be in the blood because of inflammation, infection or even a bruised muscle! Try not to worry too much, just keep following up.

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Thank you I just have really bad anxiety and panic attacks everyday multiple times a day. It is rough trying cope and deal with it.

Bad anxiety can do strange things to your body. I’ve been hospitalised several times after having a ‘turn’ and feeling really poorly but they’ve never found anything wrong with me. Once everything has been checked out you should feel a little better

Exactly the same thing happened to me. Exactly the same! That was 2 years ago now. I was stunned I didn’t have a clot after the CT scan. If it helps, the nurse in the ER told me the D Dimer test is about a 50/50 with regards to a clot. I struggled for months trying to believe everything was ok. It apparently was since I’m still here.

Oh I'm definitely struggling. This anxiety has completely taken over my life. I plan my day according to the anxiety if I plan to go somewhere I am not familiar with I know where every er and urgent care is before I get there and on the way there. They have me on medicine but it doesn't seem to help much. I been in therapy didn't help much. Am I destined to be like this forever? I'm trying so hard to see a life without anxiety but all I see is anxiety and panic.

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