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Please tell me its some one on here that deals with low heart rate from 50-60 sometimes ????

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It could be a resting heart beat?


Honestly I am the same as you I know it isn’t easy to tell yourself that the things you are feeling are not real so I’m not about to start telling you that because I know how it feels it’s been 7 years now and I panic over everything still just as bad as I did back then not always as often and it does get easier just think no one has ever died from it, don’t ever feel stupid for writing questsions on here because that’s what it’s for to support each other x

You are just going through the same posts week after week. You made the same post last week. Reread your posts you have already posted and the comments to give the same answers we still have for you. You need to get your health anxiety and other mental health issues checked by a professional. No matter what we tell you, you will just repeat the same question in a weeks time. You are fine, your heart rate is fine, your blood pressure is fine, your lumps in your throat can't swallow is also fine. You have had the same complaints over and over and you make it through each and every time. Please accept that there is nothing wrong and get some outside therapy and possibly medication. We are here for you cheering for you to get help and start living your life again. You're too young to be doing this to yourself. Gentle hugs 🤗🤗

Thanks Fearoffear

It's called sinus bradycardia, and is common amongst athletes - I have always had it, and I am 70, though definitely not athletic!

Mine is 73! Panicking now....much too high...........

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I understand 60-100 is normal, so none of us should worry!

There's nothing wrong with that heart rate unless you are symptomatic. You can even be in the 40s and it could be okay if you are asymptomatic and physically fit.

Mine is between 50 - 60 when resting and I’ve had ecgs, all fine and no worries. Your heart pumps as much as it needs to so if you’re resting, it takes it easy. I’m assuming it gets faster if you walk or exercise? If so it’s working just fine.

Mine has been as low as 46 and regular at 50 and below, but am also on Propranolol.

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