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Can’t live a normal life

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Not gonna lie I’m literally giving up on life I don’t really want to be here and I’m sorry if I’m being to deep or whatever but I can’t, constantly getting symptoms mostly when I’m okay and not feeling anxious it’s horrible I feel like my life’s ruined and wanna end it :(

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Been there... don’t let it take over ur life,

U will be fine in time trust me as I’ve been there...

Go for nice walk, distract urself and accept u have anxiety.. the mind let it go!!

Stay positive

I understand how hard this is. I have health anxiety and sometimes the physical symptoms (chest pains, breathless, dizzy) send me into a whirlwind of panic and depression and fear. I get it most days, some worse than others just to be told there’s nothing wrong with me. I understand how frustrating it is, but don’t give up. Things will get better I promise :)

I think at some point or another, many of us have had this to cross our minds at the least, just to be rid of it. I'm so sorry you're going through this but like the others said, it will get better...even when sometimes that only sounds like words 2us all.

But will it get better? Because that’s all people say, and it never has it anyrhint it’s got worse I feel like I’m feeding myself false hope, I literally have a music career I wanna pursue and I can’t because of these symptoms it’s so hard and so scary :(

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Are you talking to a therapist? If not it's time to reach out to one. They can help you get through this. You can talk by phone, text, or do video meetings. You will feel better. I get like that a lot too

It does get better IF you let it. The problem with anxiety is we want to get way from it, get rid of the feelings and we resist with all our might. That is what causes our body to go into fight/flight mode. When we do this often enough our bodies start automatically going into that mode with very little to get it there. It starts becoming a habit. A bad habit. The only way out that I know of is acceptance. It sucks. It's hard. But it does work given enough time.

Read Dr. Claire Weekes book 'Hope and Help for your Nerves.'

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There are new methods of dealing with anxiety now. Look up mindful meditation for anxiety or depression. Anxiety won't hurt you but your thinking about the symptoms makes it worse. Please Google what I've mentioned. More than half the therapists use meditation now to stop the obsessive thoughts. Thoughts are what create more anxiety.

U need to learn how to cope with them... it took me nearly 6 to 7 years to learn and I still get them now but I deal with it cos I know how to deal with it not like before I panic or overthinking abt it which made it worse...that’s prob what u going thru now, overthinking or panicking!!

U need find tools how to deal with it, I go for a walk when I feel anxious, keep myself busy when I’m anxious, breathing methods when I’m anxious and telling my brain it’s nothing as it’s just symptoms not actual problem so my brain knows it’s nothing so it goes away..

I don’t think my anxiety will go away ever but it is getting less and less very slowly

It’s a long journey but it’s worth it as u only live once so u just want to have a normal happy life which u can have, don’t let anxiety take over ur life!

Be strong and be positive

Feel free to talk to me anytime

This app is good as ppl have helped me when im in a bad way and it helps me realise it can get better and I’m still here!!

Even we are in a pandemic and I’m coping well

Stay safe

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Good to hear Davola77 :) xx

All I can say is ‘never make a PERMANENT decision on a TEMPORARY feeling’ I wish you well ❤️

Although this feeling is very real 😥 hard to change your thinking and it will change your life...recommend "Sadguru on you tube"👍

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I always have to remember just because I have a thought it doesn't mean it's true. If you've been used to negative thoughts all your life sometimes you have to tell yourself something different. If I think I feel too lousy to go out today I actually tell myself to stop it and say I will. It's never easy and I'm always a work in progress. Anxiety disorders don't go away entirely but you can lessen them. I say this but know I still need a one on one with a therapist. It's hard to do it all alone. 😣

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Always love the chorus of the song by The Temptations......"It's just my imagination🎶"....😁👍

I thought the exact same thing years ago when anxiety attacks were ruining my life.But, you know what, they went away eventually.

You really need a good talk therapy psychologist to dredge up the original cause of your anxiety. A good therapist can do that for you. I am not a therapist, I am just an amateur researcher on the subject because it was so awful for me to live through.

Once you accept that anxiety attacks are 100% in your mind, then you can start to feel better. You are not being attacked - you are attacking yourself. Your flight or fight response is doing what it is supposed to do when it senses a perceived threat to your life.

There is really nothing outside of you that is threatening your life.

You got to feel that you are in control

Do you like to run? Go out and run your ass off and you will feel much better

Strange thing is now my anxiety has returned... not good!!

Don’t we all know the feeling. Someone I once knew had cancer and was cured but then had health anxiety they said they would choose to have cancer anytime. Thinking of you x Don’t give up it does pass!!

Before you do anything drastic, please see a psychiatrist that can help you with medication to control your anxiety. I know how you feel since I’ve struggle with severe anxiety. I went and got my medication adjusted. Also, you can always go to your hospitals emergency room for help. They may have a psych floor where you can stay and get your medication and some therapy.

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