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Anyone awake


Does anyone’s feel like they ain’t alive anymore nothing feel real they body shutting down someone please help me so scared can’t sleep

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Hi , I’m here ... I can’t sleep ... my heart is racing and therefore is making me panic. I feel like I will just pass out and that will be it ...

Nikkiox in reply to KateS10

I am same body feel wierd bad like just going give in if that make sense my heart same sometimes or like beating hard

Yes love been really bad no life feel shaky tired feel like I can’t breath my legs are like jelly feel so bad xx

Nikkiox in reply to Jimmyluke55

What about you body feeling like mine feel shutting down xx

Jimmyluke55 in reply to Nikkiox

Ye it does love never felt so ill in my life feel like I could die xxx

Nikkiox in reply to Jimmyluke55

I have sweating to and feel like nothing around me real I won’t take anything See xxx

Jimmyluke55 in reply to Nikkiox

Just been put on citalopram in last 3 months I’ve had fluoxetine , mirtazapine , sertraline my head is mushed none of them worked xxx

How was it with mirtazapine and how did you stoped?

How long did you used ?

For me Sertraline worked like charm bud i had insomnia with it, that’s why i had to stoped

They made me tired and not helped with my anxiety had a bad night so went to bed at 12 to rest just got up I feel worse my legs are aching so bad and feel light headed xxx

Which one you using ?

I’m on citalopram now but was on mirtazapine but it didn’t work mind you been on citalopram for 4 weeks and still feel bad xxx

11 days now and it helped me with anxiety and insomnia after 8 days but I have suicide thoughts and I stoped last night.

This morning I don’t have those thoughts anymore, but anxiety came back right way

Ye it’s terrible love ,sat here wondering what to do life as to be better than this ,I’ve had them thoughts too , but been told to carry on with them for 6 weeks xxx

How long did you use mirtazapine?

4 weeks love xx

How did you stoped ?

Cold turkey or they gave you something else ?

Tried sertraline too but no good for me xxx

Did you stoped cold turkey or slowly?

Did you had any withdrawal symptoms?

Stopped cold turkey and started fluxetine straight away xxx

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