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Anyone awake


Hi is anyone awake I’m having a huge panic attack and I feel like I’m going mad I feel like something is terribly wrong with me anyone else going through this right now or on a regular basis

Nat xx

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Hi! I have never worried about my health but I’m a sufferer if chronic anxiety. My suggestion to you is, try having some rewind therapy (Human givings) you can only have this done privately but by googling it you can find someone local to you. This treatment is used for ptsd or what used to be known as shell shock. It’s also used to remove things out of your brain that forces you brain into fight or flight mode.

I had this done... it’s amazing. The best meds for chronic anxiety is venlafaxine... ask your doc about them... hope you feel better soon x

I’m going to look into this I ave never har of this I have ptsd too thanks for the support I do have it chronic I just want to be able to get a hold of it for once

Nat cx

It’s just crippling isn’t it... good luck xx

It really is crippling

Thanks a lot


Morning Nat

So sorry you have had a bad night I have been going through this a year and a half now so know what you are going through and eventually you will get exhausted as I am now which does not help your anxiety

I really would speak with your Doctor again , let them know what's happening

One thing I do with the sweats is I have a fan on all night , it is a good one and quite but helps keep me cool I even have it on in the winter and if I wake up sweating it really helps I direct it at myself and it cools me down which helps with the panic

I wish I could say and do more but I can relate and feel what you are going through and let you know you are not alone , this will get better :-)

Take Care x

Natzsteveo in reply to lulu-1

I woke at 4:30am I too have a fan I need it lol just waiting for the dr to ring me back I could only do appointment on the phone so waiting for him to ring me now still waiting xxx but the thing is he will leave me till the last because I know I get on his nerves I get on my own nerves so I know I do his head in..I just hate feeling like this I can’t even eat at the minute so I’ve got the bad shakes and I’m falling asleep I’m that tired 💤 and then I panic because I’m worried why I’m so tired all the tired

Nat xx

lulu-1 in reply to Natzsteveo

Crikey , you do remind me of me when you say you get on your own nerves , that is exactly what I say :-D

Remember , if you get on that Doctors nerves or not then tough luck on him , he gets paid so part of his job and did I read right with all this Covid they are getting a pay rise so you make him work for it , without patients they would not have a job !!!

I know the feeling though waiting for the call coming , that makes me anxious in itself , I have one this week and I don't even know the day she just said will call you in 2 weeks time which is this week so she must be getting really fed up with me not bothering to tell me a day even :-D

You are dropping to sleep because you are exhausted , nothing else and if you drop of let yourself , your body is tired

Have a milky drink , just one slice of toast , one biscuit anything , just little bits , all counts

Let me know when you get your call what happens and make him earn his wage !

If it helps my anxiety has made me have a real strop attack this Morning , fallen out with everyone including my own shadow , not sure if you ever do that :-) x

How you feeling now.i woke up with churning stomach trying to calm myself down now x

How r you doing xx

Im ok but i keep getting these moments were i feel like im gonna go into a panic i got work this evening so hoping i can stay calm 🤞 i see ur at work try stay occupied easiwr said than done i know x

It’s frustrating isn’t it that brewing when you feel it there hanging around waiting for ya to panic I’m staying occupied but just so tired with a banging head xxx

Yh it is i feel a little light headed aswell which is kinda making me more anxious.ffs i cant keep up i realy cant its way to much we have to deal with like just give us a flipping break already x

I totally agree with you babes and yes we need a flipping break that’s or sure I been feeling lightheaded all day too

Nat xx

Twinnies 😟 x

I hope you are feeling a bit better now. I’m not feeling too great this morning. My symptoms are terrifying me and starting to ruin my life. I need to get better and get in that positive frame of mind.

Get some rest and try and relax today xx

I’ve gone to work with my hubby to scared to be on my own I’ve been keeping busy well best I can anyway I’m like you I just wanna get back to how I was 3 weeks ago I was feeling ok and now I’m a quivering wreck

I know how your feeling

Nat cxx

Still abit shaky and tired out my head keep worrying can’t stop at the minute it’s just so scary

Constantly thinking something is terrible happening to me

Nat xx

I’m just trying to keep calm but it’s not happening right now as you know cx

Since Covid-19 started and shut down etc began, I have heard from people I know that they have panic attacks. Pleased to say so far I haven't. Life as we knew it seems strange, and it hardly surprising it has affected people's mental health. I try to be positive which isn't easy, but at least things are looking up that soon we will have a vaccine. I wish you well.

Natzsteveo in reply to warbaby42

Thank you for your support COVID hasn’t effected my life that bad I have a large fear of death and had a lot of it last few weeks so that’s my trigger

Thanks so much

Nat xxx

I will make him work but I get fobbed off as I don’t think he takes me seriously at all he reassures me but you know that don’t last does it babes... I’ve still not had my smear test results back yet so I’m fretting about that then obviously with my uncle and my son in law mum it’s all come to a head for me I love how we are alike although I don’t wish anyone else this it’s also soothing to know I’m not alone and it’s not all in my head ...even though it is if you get what I mean ... I do fallout with everyone when I’m in one of them moods I’m like you today miffed at everyone and everything must be the weather

Nat cxx

lulu-1 in reply to Natzsteveo

Maybe try phoning over those results , but I am sure they can't be bad or they would have been on to you asp , or at least ask your Doctor when you get your call where the results are tell him you need at least one less thing on your mind and you do

Yes when I get like this I start pushing everyone away not sure why , maybe it is that fed up of yourself that much you just want everyone to confirm they are to !

You will get through today somehow , someway

I have a bad stomach now so here we go ! x

I’ve rang yesterday and today no luck they say with the COVID it could take 6 weeks also dr rang wasn’t very helpful I’ve sent you a private message lulu

I know my head is still pounding had it since last night

I’ve been focusing on another area today as well it’s horrible isn’t it

Nat xxx

Nat dear give yourself a break will you. After all the traumatic things that have happened to you recently did you really expect to just carry on as normal? No way. You are not a robot my friend so you need time to recover a bit, so give yourself some leeway.

Accept you are going to be a mess for a time, and that way you can praise yourself when you cope better than you think you will.

Pm me anytime if you want to chat Nat. xx

Hi I wonder where you have been yes I do need time to recover just I’m a right mess now I can hardly eat just drinking I feel sick to the bone but can’t bring myself to eat must deffo be the anxiety and I’ve also had a headache since last night my neck hurts and I’m exhausted hypercat..I’m scared of my own shadow at the minute thanks so much for your support

Nat xxx

Hi Nat, been where you are many many times. First , try Not to fight it it will get More intense . STOP and take Deep Breathes. Try to Distract yourself? Music, hobbies. Trust me it will Pass. I’ve been dealing with this off and on for about 36 years. My counselor calls me every other week, we spoke today. He keeps me grounded. Are you in counseling? If Not do it. And MOST Importantly Do NOT talk to friends and family about what you’re going through, they Don’t want to Hear it because they cannot Relate to what you’re going through. And will eventually distance themselves from you. That’s what has happened to Me. I pretend that everything’s Fine? So let Us know how your doing 🙏😷

thats true none of them understand it do they they really do come away from me so I do try to not tell them my husband is good though but only goes so far before he gets fed up...

Thanks for this ive just been accepted on the waiting list for cbt so hope it won't be to long waitinf

Thanks so much

Nat xx

You’re welcome, we’re here for You. I hope you don’t Have to Wait too long? 🙏😷

Ye I have love lasted about 4 weeks woke up shaking all inside and my heart really fast,and exhausted with it all xx

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