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Hello good morning,

Yes I’m on Fluoxetine again (For the second time) currently on week four. Yes you will feel a increase in Anxiety, unfortunately you will certainly feel this increase in the first few weeks (1&2) no sleep, absolutely low esteem.

I’m now on week four and I’ve turned a corner and can feel that the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor is working.

Unfortunately you will need to do a lot of self help (your doctor should advise you on this).

Mediation, relaxing music, go for a walk (every day), go to the gym, get sweaty and reading the Chimp Paradox will help the road to recovery. Sleep is important. Think positively, you will get there.

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Like you I am on my second time having bad GAD and even though I have been taking Fluoxetine at 20mg for years my doctor upped my doze to 40mg about 5 weeks ago after having a bad relapse , I am still getting side effects I just need someone to support me and say they have been in the same place and now are seeing light at the end of the tunnel ,I know I had side effects last time but cannot remember how bad or how long they lasted .

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It takes time...

I’m nearly finished week 8 and can feel that the Anxiety has dropped considerably. I’m certainly a lot more level headed.

I’d certainly try and go for at least an 1hr walk every day. Perhaps get doctors to refer you to a local gym, ask a friend to go with.

I’d certainly get a copy of The Chimp Paradox. As, All the above has certainly helped. A combination of doing them helps the understanding of life and what you need to do to get back to some sort of normality.

Finally, you have to do it yourself, people do help, but it’s only down to you to sort.

Hope this helps

Have a good day

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Thankyou for your reply ,I do get out daily with my husband and dog to walk for an hour or so ,I have an excercise bike which I do use but probably should do more , We have had a few rough months and one thing after another in our lives and I think that what started my problems off again ,Hopefully we are seeing the light now as these problems were not of our making ,I am hoping the tablets kick in soon and I get back to MY normal self not perfect but I do cope , I will get a copy of the book you recommend ,Thankyou for Your Reply

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