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Can’t take this not sleeping!!

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I came off clonipin last September (approximately). I am now not falling asleep until late into the night. I lay in fear of not being able to fall asleep making it more difficult. I am so tired and it is beginning to affect me mentally and physically. I literally can’t keep this up! Any suggestions? Thanks!

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hiya, I stopped taking my zopiclone sleeping pills and didn't get a good night's sleep for ages.

Even before, I only got 5 hours max. You must go see your doc again, because your body can't go on without proper sleep. It becomes a vicious circle of not sleeping then going to bed worrying about not sleeping. I tried all the sleep 'hygiene' tricks you can read about but with serious insomnia they have no affect. Try talking to your doc, It's not a problem you should let continue as I did.

Afraid to go back on klonopin because of all the meds now on for other things but seems like that is all that works. And she will not put me back on. Tried 10different antidepressants and on Buspar (not working) and even take Ambien sometimes. Nothing works until I just drop and as u know by then your body just can’t handle it. But thank u for understanding!!!

Ambien doesn’t work?? What about lunesta newer sleeping pill? I understand dr not wanting you back on klonopin as it was probably tough getting off of and drs are not prescribing benzos like they used to. Or have you tried trazadone or amitryptiline ( spelled incorrectly) they are old antidepressants that are now used for sleep and chronic pain?

Thank u. I have tried those to no avail. I feel like I’m loosing ground with my sanity. Have not tried Lunesta. Will ask next visit. Thank u again

I take a low dose of mirtizapine at night which helps me sleep.

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I sympathize with you so much. I literally have felt like I was going crazy and still do sometimes due to insomnia. Klonopin helped me so much but as we know it is very addicting. I have a relative who has taken it for over 30 years. How he has managed to continually get a prescription for it is beyond me. He takes .5 every night. I cannot even imagine that it is still effective after all these years.

I take a 7.5 dose of mirtrazapine many nights and it works very well. Need to be mindful that if you are taking any other anti depressants that you cannot the two too often as then you are at risk of serotonin syndrome.

I have also heard that taking Benadryl works. I have yet to try that,

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