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I’ve been prescribed with these today , has anyone ever taken these before? i’m just worried to take them

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It’s an SSRI drug like most drugs that are used to treat your condition. I say give it a try and if you notice that your symptoms are getting worse, contact your therapist right away. One thing I will assure you of is that you won’t die.

Not citalopram, but a variant escitalopram. As long as i took it, i experienced little to no anxiety,panic, depression, mood swings etc. It was total euphoria. Was on it for seven months. Not trying to worry you but more of a what to expect. It was when i finally stopped taking them cold turkey, the problems started. I felt the exact opposite of euphoria. It started with brain zaps, followed by EXTREME panic, constant anxiety, headaches, mood swings, sleep problems. I often used to find myself crying. If there was no apparent reason, my mind always found one. I quit in late feb and these continued till early may. Im still not 100% but its a lot better where i can control my emotions. Id say im at 95% close to normal now.

People who have used citalopram claim to have felt its negative affects for a long time with 90 days being a good time to try self evaluation. A gradual taper is more recommended where the side effects are minimal(but usually not zilch)

The withdrawal from this drug vary individually depending on how long youve used it, dosage and individual temperament.

P.S. Most doctors will say the withdrawal last only a few weeks, but those are the more fortunate ones.

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Laniben in reply to Bilabong

Hello, I was on 10mg of citalapram for 2 weeks then the doctor upped it to 20mg about a week and a half ago. She said it would take a while for it to really work, I’ve never been on anything like this before so I don’t know when or if it will really start working, my main issue is the horrible lack of sleep because that seems to worsen everything,

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Bilabong in reply to Laniben

Was the first time for me too using this. It usually takes a few weeks for the effects to really kick in. For me it started working in about 10 days. I started off with 10mg and stayed there for 7 months.

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Laniben in reply to Bilabong

I wish mine had worked that quick. The trouble is with me, is a sleep issue and if i dont get enough sleep everything feels worse. ive tried .zopiclone, but after a few days one night it did nothing. now been taking circadin for a few days instead, but i then start worrying about everything...the night and the next day, so its becomes a vicious circle.

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Bilabong in reply to Laniben

That should explain the bump from 10 to 20. Hope you start feeling better soon. I was prescribed this med cause last year a family member passed the same week I quit smoking after 20 years. Result was my brain chemicals went all haywire, acute shortness of breath and panic attacks. Doctors said that was a bad combo- death of a loved one and quitting at the same time.

I have been talking it for eight weeks now. I love it! It has really helped a lot.

how long did it take for you to start and see a difference ?

1 week


I have also been perscribed this but to scared to take it. Did you have any side effects?

Thanks xx

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amyty19 in reply to ali1983

it’s been very good for me , only side effects i have is sweats , other than that i’m okay . good luck :)

I started using it almost two years ago. I was extremely scared of it. The first few days were hell, I felt very sick with headaches but then quickly got used to it. It helped me a lot with my anxiety issues. Started on 20mg but then after about six months I was prescribed 30mg because I felt like it stopped working. I'm elatively okay since then. I still have anger issues and depressive phases but it definitely helped loads with my anxiety. Give it a go x

Not sure what dose? Usually starts at 10mg . You usually get the side effects first before the drug starts working. I have been on many SSRIs . For me , I am not one to take pills so I just did not do good with them . They can be a life saver for many . Did your md give you a test first or did he just write you a prescription? Sometimes other health issue effect your brain too . Good luck to you . I hope it helps

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