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Ear infection 😰

Im scared im never gonna get better :( i been taking my meds for 3 days for my ear infection and feel no difference just slightly . I scare myself into thinking i have something other than an ear infection:( !

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Hi there,

Your not on your own I'm exactly the same. Good to hear your getting better


Awe I know how you feel. Give it a bit more time. Do you have any reason at all to suspect something other than the doctor's diagnosis? Were your symptoms not totally in keeping with an ear infection or was your doc absolutely confident in the diagnosis? Remember docs see thousands of patients a year and this counts way more than any late night Google searches we do on our own, no matter how extensively we read up on something because there's always those mundane conditions that nobody ever writes about on the internet, but that doctors treat all the time. And also there are so many different types of ear infections and I don't believe they are always bacterial ( could be a virus instead - hard to know off the bat) which means antibiotics won't be helpful and you'll just have to wait for your own immune system to kill off those little suckers on its own😁 I hope your symptoms aren't too too bad in the meantime. Do some meditation to help relax ( please try Jason Stephenson's "Peace" on YouTube it's the best).I know tons of people who have had weird and whacky ear infections and some take longer to heal than others (apparently labrynthitis can take several weeks to heal). Try not to jump the gun with your fearful thoughts. Three days is really not a long enough time to have elapsed to draw any sinister conclusions.


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