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Ear infection? I'm going insane.

I feel unbalanced in my ear has been hurting..

I might have tinitus.

I might have an ear infection, because ear infections cause dizziness and irritability.

And that's how I feel and it's driving me crazy and I'm losing home and I'm going insane..

I need to go to the doctor as soon as possible I can't stand this feeling anymore I'm going to kill myself. What can i do?

What AM i going to do?

I just dont know where my life has gone..

Who am i?

I'm going to drink some valerian to get myself calm and drowsy so i wont feel like crap.. Ugh:(


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Hope you are feeling better now

I would make an appointment as soon as you can & get your GP'S help





Make an appointment to see doc.... sounds as though you have an inner ear inbalance. I am sure they will be able to help you. Julie xx


hi, your right into going to the doctors, its better to make sure with things like this. I had this a year ago, I remember it so well, summer time I went really dizzy one day and it panicked me, so I went to the doctor who took bloods and that to make sure I wasn't anemic or anything they all came back fine, then I had b12 test as I cannot eat wheat or gluten and that can cause low b12 = dizziness, nope all came back fine, checked ears they were fine and I had a heart monitor thing nope it was all fine, these tests lasted over a month or two!! I was going out of my mind with constant dizziness I couldn't stand or go out or eat I felt bloody terrible, I really no what your going through, and my doctors had no idea, messing me about with blood results, well in the end the doctor rang me on my birthday and said everything is fine and it must of been anxiety, I was shocked it could do this just out of the blue :\ I still have dizzy days quite a bit but now I try and sit and ignore them completely and they go away.

I understand how scary it can be and how much it can bring you down but try not to let it, its a very good idea checking it over with the doctor and if he finds the cause that's fantastic and you can go on your way to feeling better, try keep strong and don't let it affect you too much, I no how hard that is, sorry I cant do a lot more then that, just take care of yourself and let us all know how you get on :-)

Much love xxxx


It was just anxiety?

Wow.. How long till it went away?

Yah i am deff going to the doc haha..

I gotta know whats goin on, or if its just anxiety.

And if it is just anxiety, than oh well.. I have to live through it. I'm gona try to be strong.. :/

Im a strong girl! I just, have to be positive.. Right?

Thanks :)


it is totally right to get it checked out, then when my doctor said it was just anxiety I thought right then im gonna get rid of this crap im sick of it, although it could be just a simple ear infection for you but for peace of mind go get it checked :-) once you no It does get easier, you can be positive I understand how hard and upsetting it is, it went away soon as the doctor told me I ignored it completely for 2 hours constant tidying and moving and it went away, I went for a walk and I was more concerned I was outside then the dizziness and it went lol xxxx


Oh sweet, okay.

Yah i have to be reassured.

It's eating at me lol

Though i do think its an ear infection because my ear has been acting up.. Thanks for lettin me know how it went with you :)


Hey Vicky,

It could be well just be an ear infection, I've had them loads (I inherited small ear canals from my dad or something :P so apparently I'm prone to them), and they make you feel awful - if it's an ear infection it would explain a lot! But they're so easy to treat! Go to the doctor soon and get them to check it! Make an emergency appointment if you need to - because I know you can't bare it - and get them to do a blood test for good measure.

Hope you can get it sorted. And get plenty of fresh air because it really does help.

Feel better (((Vicky)))

wanderingwallflower xx


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