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Locked doors at Alderney Mental Health Unit Poole

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My local Hospital unit for outpatients has a locked entry. One has to buz to get in, the doors to see Drs are also locked. The staff are locked away behind a screen. I wrote to the dept. saying it felt like a prison.

Steps to well being centre in Poole is also the same, a centre for people with nervous problems.

If I go to Poole General Hospital all staff are behind desks not locked away . What are the staff frightened of in mental health outpatients.

Please comment anybody.

Happy new year


4 Replies
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Hi Alershot1, this is just my opinion as to what I see lately in many GP offices as

well. Doctors and staff must have the combination in order to get to the back offices.

Patients are accompanied by staff only.

It may have started out with mental health offices but more recently it's become a norm

to protect medical personnel as well as their patients. This is the way of our modern world now. We are keeping out unauthorized people for safety sake.

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Hi Agora

Back offices yes but why when we have to enter the building. As I say I can walk into my own doctors or hospital without having to buz in and the staff are not locked away behind glass.

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Agora1 in reply to Alershot1

Maybe they had an incident that prompted them to lock entrances to the building.

Each community handles it differently. I've found even ERs (patient entry by ambulance) are now under lock.

Beauty salons, nail salons ....all about safety. I don't think it has to do

with patients having mental health issues. x

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When I was in the a&e the other day it was absolutely appalling how the staff get treated by patients they have to be behind glass for there own safety from drunken and drugged people .... they was more police with prisoners in the waiting room than in the station ..... unfortunately these people ruin it for us all !

My hat comes of to them

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