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Is it possible?


I’m curious if anyone thinks it is possible to heal completely from anxiety or depression. It seems so hard sometimes, I want to be free from it completely. I want to live life on my terms not having to live on anxieties terms..have any of you completely healed?

I don’t even know if this is possible, but I want to start the discussion anyway. How are you all doing today??

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I’ve had periods of years when I’ve been free of anxiety. Still worry a fair bit but it’s been lovely without it.

Kevin87 in reply to Hidden

What did you do to get passed it?

Kevin87 in reply to Kevin87

So glad to hear you’ve found relief by the way

Hidden in reply to Kevin87

It just passes with time. I find keeping myself busy helpful. I started a degree in 2016 and whilst it has its own stresses it’s really helped me. Also, mindful meditation helps. Check out mindfulness by Mark Williams, there’s a book and and app with an 8 week programme to follow.

Kevin87 in reply to Hidden

I’ll definitely look into that thank you! Is there anything on YouTube maybe that has helped you as well?

Cat33 in reply to Kevin87

Hello Kevin

Check out Claire Weekes on You Tube her words are wonderful and really works Get Rid Of Depression Panic Attacks and Anxiety it's over an hour long and very comforting

The Mark Williams book on mindfulness is really lovely

Good luck

Hidden in reply to Kevin87

I haven’t looked on YouTube regarding it so I’m not sure sorry.

Cat33 in reply to Hidden

I've got that book and it's really good Glad it helped you

Anything is possible in life Kevin. Look around and you will see people who

have overcome their challenges. I don't know if healing is the right word because

with anxiety it's a matter of accepting it and getting back control. As for depression,

I have not experienced that but as I understand it is more of a chemical imbalance in

the brain. That needs to be addressed by a professional.

I gave in to my anxiety for more years than I care to count. When I got to the point you are

at, I realized that something had to change and it was my way of perceiving the threat of

each and every symptom anxiety threw my way. After all, who was this monster inside

me making me fearful, giving me physical symptoms, telling me what I can or can't do in life. For me, it was first medication/therapy and then finding other tools that I could use

to gain control of my anxiety.

It takes work, nothing comes easy in life. The rewards are great. Let's just say, you will

never fear anxiety like you use to. When it tries to stop you, your mental strength will

be such that you will override any fear and proceed going forward. :) x

Kevin87 in reply to Agora1

Thank you for your feedback on this! You’ve said some great stuff to me before that has helped a lot so I thank you again. I agree with you, a better way to phrase it would be taking back control. What have you done to keep it at bay?

Best wishes, and thanks again!

Agora1 in reply to Kevin87

The first step for me was Acceptance. From there I searched for other methods that would

work for me. Through YouTube, I found that meditation and deep breathing were the

tools that became that "magic" key I was looking for. I have in the past, seen a

hypnotherapist and continue using self hypnosis and mindfulness as well. Kevin, once

you open the door and find results, the world is at your feet.

No matter what we suffer from whether physical or mental, deep breathing benefits our mind and body because of the connection of the two. I do want to clarify one thing and that is....everyday I wake up feeling as if I'm on top of the world, in control,

my life is back. I am myself again. But know that anxiety will still try to sabotage us

at times the minute we let our guard down. Whether physically sick or stressed to the

max. The difference is in not fearing what we feel. The sensation of fear is easy to

control because we are mentally well trained.

Kevin, keep using the forum as your support system. Learn from other's experiences.

You day will come when the time is right. Don't get discouraged. :) x

Kevin87 in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much

I’ve heard the words meditation and deep breathing more in the past couple days than I have ever before. I feel as if the universe is telling me something with this.

Can you recommend something on YouTube to get me started?

EllieSun in reply to Kevin87

Try the app called headspace! Great help for guided meditation

Agora1 in reply to Kevin87

I'm glad you asked Kevin. I live and breathe these videos on YouTube every day.

It's not about how long they are but what you get out of them.

"1 min. quick breathing meditation/let go of stress & anxiety"

by Jason Stephenson

"Mindfulness-3 min Meditation" by the Honest Guys

"Simple relaxation meditation" by the Quiet Mind Café

"Sympathetic Breathing Meditation" by Quiet Mind Café.

Kevin, the list could go on and on. These are only some of the calming

voices that I listen to on YouTube. After a while, you will respond to their

suggestions and calming matter within moments. Good Luck my friend

Yes it is possible :) but there will be times where you will get anxiety and sometimes depressed but everyone in this world does whether they have a mental illness or not. It’s natural thing. I had a few months where I was doing so so good but now I just feel like I’m getting bad again, but I’m going to therapy tomorrow then psychiatrist the next day to maybe change up my medication to see if that helps anything and I hope it does help ugh I’m tired of feeling this way.

Kevin87 in reply to pink83737

So glad to hear that you’ve found relief. It makes me feel like it’s possible for me to control this more, rather than control me. Everyone here has been so supportive and I am eternally grateful. I am sorry to hear that you are in a slump, but something tells me that you’re going to come out on top once again!

pink83737 in reply to Kevin87


I don't know about depression, but anxiety - yes, definitely. What finally helped me was accepting it was anxiety and not what I feared it was (MS or Parkinson's so early in its stage that it went undetected by every doctor/test). It took lots of reading about anxiety, meditating, breath control, and doing CBT to finally put it in the past. At my second session with my therapist she gave me permission to take a two week break from my symptoms and just let them be, and then report back to her. It did wonders for me in a matter of 2-3 days. I now feel like nothing can scare me like that ever again because I now realize that there will always be a way out of any problem I encounter and that we are never really alone in the world if we don't want to be. I also have accepted that the expectation of perfect health/life is just a fantasy and everyone has something they are struggling with and that is ok. You too can overcome fear and anxiety I am quite positive 😊 Books I've read are "The Fear Cure" by Rankin (very soothing) "Freedom from Nervous Suffering" audiobook by Dr. Claire Weekes (extremely reassuring), "Stress Proof" by Mithu Storoni (very scientific explanation of stress physiology) and "Overcoming Anxiety" (whoops- can't remember the author) which teaches you how to do CBT on your own. Countless websites were read as well like Anxiety BC and my goodness I can't remember the others!!

.... oh just remembered "NothingWorks" - Google it. It's a former anxiety sufferer's letter to himself. His premise is that not reacting at all to anxiety is what overcomes it. Happy reading!

A great YouTube page and podcast to subscribe to is ‘That Anxiety Guy’. He has many videos and has helped me enormously to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. He has been through depression and anxiety and come out the other side so when he explains things you can really relate to what he’s saying.

Everyone is talking about him! I need to check this out ASAP. Another great resource I’ve heard is an app called Headspace

Anxiety is a natural stress response in our bodies. You cannot completely rid that response from your neurological system.

Depression is either a chemical imbalance or the result of long-term issues going unresolved or coping mechanisms not being properly learned.

In either case, with anxiety or depression, barring a chemical Imbalance, you have the power and ability to learn how to manage anxiety and depression. You have to get the help to do it and make the right steps towards finding your own peace. No one can give you an exact road map to that as it’s your journey to walk. But, you will need help to learn how to walk, be it from professionals or friends or books or whatever will work best for you.

Now, if you have a natural chemical imbalance that is also leading towards your anxiety or depression, then you will have to still do the same process as the paragraph above, but you will need to most likely involve medication and a licensed professional. It will take time to find the right medication that works. However, medication alone won’t work without you still taking the proper steps towards finding your mental health and happiness.

All that being said, I believe you can love a great life and conquer both anxiety and depression. It will take work and time and patience.


Hi Kevin, sorry to hear about the depression and anxiety you are going through. I hope you find the answers.

For me it was various things that helped. I also did a degree as I had just lost my mother due to cancer and my dog and cat all within a few months. I was incredibly depressed and was having a lot of panic attacks especially at night.

I’d always wanted to do acupuncture and just decided it was now or never. It was tough because I also suffer chronic illnesses but being out of my environment and meeting positive people really helped. Also qualifying was a real boost for me.

Other things that have helped has been deep breathing (it triggered rest and digest hormones) instead of fight and flight. Finding things that brought joy. Living in the present. Diet (I did a lot of research and went plant based) drinking lots of water. Doing Qigong exercises (can be done at home) reading positive books and listening to positive videos in bed. Bach flower remedies. Making myself do something constructive every day even if it’s just tidying some of the house or garden. Also there is ayervedic herb called Tulsi which helps with anxiety.....I know there are more but that’s the one I took. I also read a book called the last best cure (she had physical problems) but it still helped. I can’t remember the author.

Also questioning my thoughts. Just because I think them it doesn’t mean they are real. Finally a belief that I can create a life I want if I focus and work towards it. Also acupuncture!! If you live near a college they usually do it cheap or free.

My life isn’t perfect but it’s alot better than it used to be and I’m sure you’ll get over this.

Best wishes to you.

Kevin87 in reply to Jaci121

I am so sorry to hear what you went through!

Thanks so much for the response. After speaking with all of you, I am finding that it is indeed possible to get control. I am continually hearing that the best things for people have been breathing exercises, taking time for yourself to enjoy an activity, and also tea.

I’m in the middle of finding my way with this and I want to thank you and everyone else for your kind words!

I don’t think healing is possible as anxiety/depression is a part of us, i have now learnt to never aim for being “cured” or healed or getting rid of it, but my goal is to accept is as a part of me that isn’t necessarily negative, but instead a part of me like my arm or leg, it’s just there, and I feel like this acceptance is the only way I will achieve real happiness. But acceptance is a massive skill that I’m sure we all struggle with, and this reality of never “getting rid of mental health problems, but accepting them” is something I’ve only come to terms with after a number of years, and still struggle with.

Kevin87 in reply to SophieC22

I totally see that, I was in an interesting situation last night where I found myself balling crying, but for essentially no reason at all. I allowed myself the time to feel it and cry it out, in which case I found that there was truly nothing wrong and I was able to relax after that. I suppose you can say I just want to take the control back from it in my life 💪🏼

SophieC22 in reply to Kevin87

Yes that is such a skills that’s incredibly hard to master...allowing the emotion to surface and sitting with it, it can be so painful to do but most of the time if you let it happen it isn’t anywhere near as bad as you anticipated. I am exactly the same, and we want to live a life with anxiety and mental health in the background, instead of it leading our lives!

Totally agree with all the replies. Also I have found handing my life over to Jesus Christ has certainly helped. I have always had a predisposition to anxiety and depression, on tablets etc. Then I asked Jesus into my life at 41 and gradually over the years he has helped me overcome it. I am now 70 and looking back am amazed at what he has helped me through. Give Him a chance you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Take care.

Kevin87 in reply to Gillybabe48

I can’t tell you how much he’s helped me as well! I’m so happy to hear that you have been able to take things under control, which in turn gives me hope for the future. Unfortunately I am predisposed to it as well as this has been a struggle ever since I was a child, so I’m always afraid that this will be permanent or constantly getting worse. Do you have any words of advice for me?

Gillybabe48 in reply to Kevin87

I do not know your personal struggles and realise we are all unique. Also sometimes I feel it is circumstances plus inherited anxiousness at times. I think I took on a lot of my Mum's anxieties which was not her fault having lost a child to leukaemia and found her father at 18 dead on the floor. So at a very young age I was hyper aware of death. When we were ill she used to get very anxious and so I became a bit of a hypercondriac. I can see this all now. I think surrounding ourselves with positive people helps. My husband is jolly so that helps. He says jokingly just remember "if they cannot take you out and shoot you, so nothing bad is going to happen". I used to be over-sensitive too which is a lost cause because I became a prisoner of my own feelings. My advice is thank God for every day and watch lots of comedies. Think what is the worst that can happen. If I die I am going to be with Jesus. I know that sounds trite because some problems are real like money worries and social isolation. Try and get involved with groups onllne and locally. If you have television Sky 581 and online watch Revelation tv it is a Christian channel which you can interact with and also ring for prayer. I hope that helps. Happy New Year and Godbless.


Thanks for sharing! It’s not easy putting yourself out there. I’m doing alright I feel my anxiety has been through the roof lately. I may look into increasing my anxiety medication. I constantly worry about the future 😞

Hello Kevin,

My name is Kevin, too! I think that all things are possible, but not with medicine and psychiatrists / psychologists. I currently suffer from severe depression with anxiety (with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome). In January 2015, the physical pain that I feel was so intense and my depression was so severe that I wanted to kill myself. Here we are four years later, and I just went out to lunch yesterday with my wife and four kids. Some nights I sleep eight hours and some nights two, whereas just a year ago I would celebrate with three hours. How does this occur? Jesus said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26. Kevin, there are many things that are impossible to “man”, but with God, nothing is impossible. I have seen things happen that could never have had any other reason but God.

I wish you the best and will be praying for you.

Thank you so much for what you’ve shared and for these kind words Kevin. It makes me so happy to hear that you have found relief and with a happy family. God has helped me so much already, and I hope that everyone reading this as well as myself will be able to receive the same healing😊

Best wishes and prayers


Thank you so much, Kevin! I will keep you in my prayers.

My father was my rapist. All four of us kids were abused by him. I had been a severe Anorexic for forty years. I become ill at 14 and am 56 now. I suffered 40 years with this. I started treatment 6 years ago. I have recently recovered. I will recover daily. It will be daily to keep recovering. I have had many struggles to overcome. I suffer from PTSD due to a childhood of violence. I continue treatment and Zoloft and always will. I would not be on this website if I had not gotten help six years ago. I can not change my past. I can only live for today. I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life. The 50 years of repressed memories came forth 2 years ago. I remember it all. That memory is why I became il lat 14. To control my world I starved. I have come close to death many times throughout my illness. Now that my memories have surfaced I process and release each one. They are painful but healing takes time. During my journey to recovery with Anorexia, I have healed my mind. Ptsd is not good but that was not my fault. Children are innocent. When you rape a five -year- old child. That child can not fight against a grown man. I was that 5- year-old child. My father was the rapist. All four of us kids were raped by him. My mother is the best. She too suffered at the hands of him. Forty years she was abused in all ways by my dad. She is so loving. I find it hard to talk about this stuff sometimes. I am dealing with it though. I was married to my first husband for 18 years. I stayed in the marriage for my 2 kids. I had a hard time trusting after what dad had done to me. I ended the marriage after 18 years. He was sexually abusive. I had to leave to save myself. I remarried. I have recently divorced after 17 years with this man. He was not physically or sexually abusive. He was abusive in so many other ways. I once again left to save myself. I guess you could see why I would have trust issues. I do trust. I have a man in my life now. He is like no other man I have known. He is loving and kind. I will never marry again. I will have a relationship but 2 marriages were plenty for me. I am 56 and have no need for a piece of paper called marriage. Life struggles only make us stronger. Life experiences make us who we are. The obstacles that I have faced made me a survivor and solid as a rock. I am unbreakable now. I will not fall. Whatever obstacles you have faced in life you will hurdle right over them. You are strong. You will conquer the anxiety. You will take control and move forward. BELIEVE IN YOU. BELIEVE.

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