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Anxiety is at its peak again

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I've been great since March last year but I woke up at 4am a little startled and couldn't go back to I feel shaky and sick can't keep off the toilet so 5hinking the worst feeling that something is seriously wrong with me as I don't have anything to feel anxious about so it must be something serious so I've now got myself in a mess..I could put it down to Christmas but I'm ok with Xmas this year anyone else feeling this way today


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Ah bless u anxiety is horrible I am stressed at min my hubby got heart failure had to finish work spent 5 hours at job centre yesterday had no money yet been 4 weeks now it's a joke luv xxx

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Oh my that's not good Sarog72 I remember you from before with your husband heart problems and if I remember you have similar problems.

Job centre this time of year is deadly isn't it nobody seems to rush...I just woke up all anxious and scared again it's silly really but not nice when it happens


So sorry you are going through this! Anxiety is such a difficult thing to go through. What helps me with my anxiety is having someone to talk to. Have you shared what you are going through with any of your close friends or family? This helps me so much so they can be there for me when I need it most. I hope everything gets better!

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Thanks for you kind thoughts I'm married so I usually talk to my husband but he's very nasty towards me at the minute for some unknown reason maybe that's why I'm feeling so anxious I don't have any family as we don't speak for a long time we all split when my mum died 11 year ago I have a few friends but non I can really talk to so I'm practically alone I have a grown daughter with a baby of her own but I won't talk to her about stuff cuz she's my daughter and I don't like to burden her so healthunlocked is my saviour

Merry Christmas and thankyou for your kind words


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