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Darryl Monitors This Venue And Helps Us

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If you think no one watches this venue, you are very wrong. We are fortunate to have a gentleman named Darryl, who I believe, created this venue under a different name years ago. He has never left it. If you have difficulty with a response or post which violates the guidelines and rules of this venue, you may report it, and Darryl RESPONDS. No one should feel unwelcomed, nor be abused verbally or threatened on this venue. No one. He helped immediately with a delicate situation a few minutes ago.

Darryl deserves some recognition for all he does here. Don't you think so, too?

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I agree with you HearYou. We are the eyes and ears of this forum but

it's Darryl who has the power and authority to keep us safe. Thank you

Darryl for monitoring this site and thank you "HearYou" for bringing it

to our attention. xx

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