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none or normal anxiety?


Hi i’m new to this app because i was curious if anyone felt this same way; i’ve delt with anxiety for a few years now but it has gone away for the most part in the last 2 years but just recently, all of a sudden, my anxiety has been through the roof. or at least i think it’s anxiety? i feel my heart race and then my stomach does an anxious wave or drop (is the best way i can explain it) and then i have an overwhelming feeling to cry, i start to feel completely alone and scared i’m gonna feel this way for hours or maybe even days. nothing i would do would help it and i don’t know if it’s actually my anxiety or if i’m just freaking out? i would talk to a doctor but i have tried and they said to just workout and eat better (and i do understand it does help but i’d like to know more ways to deal with it rather than just freaking out) so if you might have an understanding of this, please share your information

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You’re not alone feeling like this! Everyone’s anxiety is different and everyone will respond differently to it. The worst part about going to see a doctor about mental health is that sometimes that particular doctor doesn’t understand anxiety.

Mental health is something you should approach a specialized therapist for, not a general doctor. They will understand your mental processes a lot better.

As far as advice I have: anxiety will cause a multitude of symptoms.

Staying away from sugars and caffeine will reduce the random palpitations. Drink lots of water. Go on walks to get some vitamin D. {Maybe this is what your doctor meant by eating right and getting exercise.}

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