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Anxiety and IBS

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IBS can be triggered off by anxiety, as this is all too often the real culprit. When you are overly anxious, and maintain this, your "fight or flight " mode kicks in. This is useful in a real situation, IF there`s a real threat. However, if not , your nervous system has released all those hormones and now has to cope with all the unused adrenalin, non-adrenalin, cortisol etc., that`s put you into a state of high alert.

Starting to focus on finding ways of relaxing and see if that helps.

To begin by visualizing future stressful situations in a more positive way. We become what we imagine, so by thinking about a situation that would have set off IBS, identify what triggers this, then imagine yourself dealing with this in a calm, controlled manner. Really experience this as though you are living in reality as this person. To visualize successfully

1. Sit somewhere quiet and identify that situation that is causing concern

2. Imagine that you are there, just before the trigger would have set off and you are calm, smiling and relaxed.

3. Keep everything in the positive- I can , I will, I`m fine, I can do this ...etc.,

4. Slow, easy controlled breaths throughout , standing tall and confident

5. See yourself acting this way, what and whose`s around you , feel that calm within. Step into that moment.

6. Experience this fully as you move forward in time to play it out - while maintaining that relaxed persona.

This will help you have more control over your feelings, so in turn, having more control over your IBS

Repeat this on a daily basis; in the morning and before you sleep is useful. The more you practice, the more natural it will seem. This is because you are setting up your neurotransmitters to accept you can be calm and have no need to trigger off your nervous fact you cannot be calm and relaxed while being anxious !

2 Replies
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This is very good advice👍

Thanks - you can apply this to any situation really helps if you stick with it.

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