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Off balanced again


Last night was a horrible night. For the past three weeks I have been feeling off balanced everyday. Yesterday was no exception, I was not feeling well so I decided to shower hoping that would help. When I got out, my legs got so stiff because I felt like I wasn't standing correctly. I don't know how to explain the feeling. I know my surroundings are not moving and it's just me. It was like the inside of my head was moving and my body was either trying to move with it or I had to try to keep my body balanced. I am pretty sure that makes no sense. I am able to sleep fine as long as I get through the wierd feeling. What makes me sad is that I have dreams about myself not feeling dizzy and doing things that I would be able to do if I weren't constantly feeling off balanced all the time. It's the morning and Im afraid to get my day started because I know it's not going to be an easy day. I can't tell anyone because they wouldn't understand. I wish I could tell my mom but she would most likely get mad and say it's because of some random reason. I'm so scared right now. I was able to handle three years but, I no longer can cope with this feeling of off balanced. I am beginning to feel depressed. I know some people feel off balanced and dizzy due to anxiety too, and I just want to know what they do to make the feeling go away.

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This is me everyday.its awful and you aren't alone.

You might see an ear doctor. Sometimes this can be caused by inner ear problems.

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