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CBD capsules


after doing loads and loads of research on this I’ve decided to order some CBD capsules. They are arriving tomorrow and after reading all of the reviews I cannot wait to see if this helps with my depression and anxiety. Has anyone tried/thought about trying this instead of prescription anti depressants. Nothing from the doctors worked for me they only made me feel worse

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Chart a plan and stick to it. Give it 6 weeks and report back to us.

I have been on anti-depressants, long term. It seems that they just aren't doing what they once did for me. I quit taking celexa a couple of months ago, without noticeable differences. I am continuing the trazodone, as it helps with sleep. So I too, am searching for an alternative. I am trying something different than you. I started ionic magnesium chloride and GABA today.

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the magnesium should be great especially the ionic one very good choice i had it once before in powder form and u put it in water and it was amazing for me.

Where did you order them from? I’d love to give them a go but my anxiety will probably stop me from buying meds online. Please let us know how you get on with them. Best of luck xx

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Solgar brand seems to be reliable. It is available through Amazon.

I will keep in touch.

Hi guys, I definitely will let everyone know. I’ll give it a few weeks and then send an update!

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