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So frustrated and stressed


As many of you know, I’ve been fighting stomach issues on top of gastritis and anxiety. The last 10 days or so I’ve felt great. Eating normally including red wine, went on a business trip out of town and a retirement party, working around our house and shopping. Busy at work. Then this morning had a full on anxiety attack while driving to work. Stomach went sideways again and has been off and on all day. SO DOWN and just want to cry and this to go away for good.

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I had gastritis for about a month and a half. Prilosec did help me out and I started taking a probiotic and I had to eliminate all the bad food from my diet. I feel like my anxiety made it worse but eventually it did go away.

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This just has me so down and scared like what the heck is wrong? How can your stomach growl and be queasy at the he same time. I ate a big bowl of plain spaghetti noodles for dinner last night and wasn’t sure it was gonna stay down but it did. Anxiety is full tilt again over this.

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