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Zoloft / Sertraline

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Is anyone here on this anti-depressant/anxiety drug? I started on it last week, very low dose and Dr will up it in another week... If you have (or are still) on this Rx did you have any problems adjusting to it?? Granted I was down before I started it, but the last 4 days have felt nauseated, weak, and have had diarrhea. Could you please share your experiences with me...good or...not so good. Thank you, I appreciate any input. Take care!

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I've been on it for years. Works very well for me.your body will soon adjust to it since it's only been a week. The only side effect I have now is the diahrea occasionally. But remember in the start of it felt very drowsy.

Best of luck to you hang in a few more weeks

I'm on 200mg a day and was the same when I started. After a couple of weeks everything calmed down and I'm okay, occasionally I have diarrhoea but not very often. Try not to worry too much, easy to say I know, but sertralin has given me a chance to make a bit more of my life. Best wishes .

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