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Face numbness for a week

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I have anxiety, and experienced panic attack several times. Now i am taking Escitalopram once a day. I started taking it around 2 weeks ago. Last time when i woke up, i felt numbness on back of my head. Same day, this numbness has spread to my right face. I went to a neurologyst, he wanted MRI, but MRI results were completely normal. So, he said this might be psychological. Its 6th day. Now this numbness is on my left side as well. It doesnt go away, i start to feel it as soon as i wake up. I have diarrhea and nausea every morning too. I sometimes feel numbness on my left arm as well, seems like its weaker than right one.

If this is psychological, can it last so long? What do you think? I went to the pool the day before everything started. I suspect maybe water was not clean?

Btw, I am taking Escitalopram (Cipralex 10mg), B12 and Folic Acid everyday.

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Have you talked to your doc about this? The one who prescribed cipralex? You should definitely talk to him. My anxiety is also mostly physical. So this could be your anxiety playing its always exciting prank on you. Also, also it is not unusual the first weeks on meds for the anxiety to get worse before it gets better. So talk to your doc, but try not to stress. It could very well be your brain and body adjusting to the meds.

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