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Scared, palpatations


Evening all,

Can’t sleep so come on here for advice and to ease my mind.

I suddenly started to get palpitations about 1hr ago and they aren’t shifting, I always think the worst and I’m going to have a heart attack or somthing. I know I will be ok but I can’t seem to get the thought out of my head. Any advice to get rid of them fast. Anxiety sucks 😔

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Hi I've been getting them a lot lately, out of the blue and once they come I can't seem to get rid of them. Not even 5 minutes ago my left leg went completely numb I thought for sure I was having a stroke. It's becoming unbearable where do you usually feel the palpitations?

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Sorry to hear that it’s scary. I’m the worst for thinking the worst.

I get them in the middle of my chest and feel them in my throat, hard to shut off and sleep, hope you don’t have them again anytime soon. X

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Thanks, I hope you can also have some peace 😊

I get them alot it's probably ectopic beats which can be caused by anxiety. Try to slow your breathing down if you get them which can help


I had a doc tell me to cough to help them stop. I do it to this day. Been having them a long time.

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