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My anxiety telling me I have schizophrenia


I was laying on my bed watching YouTube when I heard a knocking noise somewhere in my house. No big deal I have cats it was probably one of them knocking into something or whatever. So I went to investigate, mean while in the back of my mind the thought of “you could have hallucinated” is on repeat. But as I looked to see what happened,nothing was really wrong or anything. It was like someone opened the flood gate. My anxiety was like “OH GOD YOU ARE SCHIZOPHRENIC I TOLD YOU!!!” Mean while my rational thinking was “well maybe Grady was hitting her leg against the wall while scratching herself” and I ended up almost giving myself a panic attack being terrified I have schizophrenia. I don’t see random things and when I do it’s just floaters, I don’t hear random things like voices or anything. I don’t think anyone is out to get me or my friends and family are secretly out to kill me. I literally am just terrified of becoming schizophrenic. I have had anxiety all of my life but I feel like now it’s getting worse 😞

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Dear plushies, you need to slow down your thoughts... Your anxiety is sending up red flags for something that is not happening. Has a doctor ever told you there was an issue with Schizophrenia? I doubt it. You are too aware of all the symptoms of schizo and are scaring yourself. Unexplained noises happen. It doesn't mean you are imagining it. If you were suffering from schizophrenia you wouldn't know it. Breathe and try calming down your thoughts. You are okay. You are safe. xx

I have spoken to my therapist and I was mentally evaluated where I was diagnosed with GAD. My therapist is aware that I am terrified of becoming schizo and has told me many times that I’m not and I’m just scaring myself. But even with that my anxiety doubts everything. It just scared the ever living out of me..

Lindsey14 in reply to Agora1

I feel you a lot on this, i freak myself out like this too

Nothing in your post indicates schizophrenia. Only a doctor/psychiatrist can diagnose someone as schizophrenic, you are not qualified to make that diagnosis.

I would say that what you are suffering from is Health Anxiety. Remember: you can't cure yourself of an illness you don't have no matter how hard you try.

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