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Anxiety with newborn


not sure – perhaps because I have family all over tomo to meet my newborn. She’s two weeks old tomo! I came over extremely anxious and sick tonight so thought share on this website. I’m lucky as my other half is here and taking care of our baby in the evenings so I can sleep but he goes back to America 4th July and I’m scared how il cope alone. M.e/ ptsd / new first time Mum so I hope I can manage ok 🙁

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The first months are exhausting and difficult - Severe lack of sleep, especially if you work. This is normal, but the tiredness is not fun. xxx


Hello Starlight_ftm :-)

You will cope despite your anxiety :-)

Years ago now I had 2 children and I suffered with severe anxiety in many ways while I was bringing them up but I coped because that maternal instinct kicks in and will be the same for you :-)

Try not to think to far ahead because the anxiety will try and convince you that you will not be able to do this but you can & will :-)

I hope everything went well when you had family round and maybe talk with your husband about how you feel and your fears and it could be that while he is away family could possibly between them give you a few breaks as well as been there if you need them , everyone needs support so don't feel you cannot ask because you can :-)

A day at a time :-)

And Congratulations on your newborn :-) x

Life after having a baby can be so tough! Some words of advice that I have are:

1). It’s totally completely 100% ok to ask for help!

2). It seems impossible but try to schedule in even 5 minutes of time for you. Whether that’s taking a bath or indulging in a show, book, or snack.

3). Rest when the baby naps (housework can wait)

4). Remind yourself that you are loved, capable, and smart!

Hi Hun,

I have generalised anxiety disorder, this got a lot worse after having my little girl. To say I was a mess is an understatement but one year on and I did it, I coped. Lulu-1 is right ur instinct kicks in and even if ur mid panic attack, if ur baby needs u, u will be okay. I won’t lie it is tough but try to think that as time goes on, u will adapt to being a mum and hopefully this time next year U will look back and the difference in how u cope will be amazing. Pm me if u fancy a chat ❤️

Yes, I can relate starlight. WhenI had my little girl 35 years ago, I had terrible anxiety. 35 years later, she now has three little boys of her own and I am anxious about them! Hold on, not too tightly, tight and try to relax. The years pass quickly. You will be OK!

Hi, I was a stay at home dad. I was laid off prior to my wife having our 3rd child. I stayed home and took care of our newborn by myself. Looking back I don't know how I did it. Got to hand it to single moms out there and moms that have husbands that don't help. My wife was a nurse who was on call, worked a lot of hours and came home exhausted and not much help with the baby. Sometimes I would stare our the window looking for her car to pull up the driveway to give me a brief respite. I remember having blizzards and my wife having to stay at the hospital overnight and me being stuck home with our daughter who had a respiratory virus and fear that we would lose power and I would not be able to administer breathing treatments to her. There were times when I felt I was the luckiest guy in the world to be able to spend time with my daughter though. It goes fast and cherish these moments. I know how difficult it can be and how it just raises your anxiety through the roof at times. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I have an older daughter that was terrified of babies, so anytime I would ask her, she would just take off. Sleep is most important, so anytime you can, don't be afraid to nap and snooze. All that being said, it is one of the most joyous and scariest part of your life. My oldest daughter has a kid of her own now, actually just had her 2nd. I can't believe what an easy time of it she has. Baby sleeps all the time, during the day she's off to mom's groups and having a blast. So, stay social, hang out with other mom's if you got a chance. I felt weird doing something like that, so I was certainly isolated. Anyways, Good Luck, enjoy your little one, it goes by fast.

Lovely comments and thank you for sharing your experiences with me! You’re right the tiredness is what makes it harder; I keep wanting to cry because I worry about managing on my own and I know I will because il have to but as said it’s the exhaustion really!

Thanks again x x

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