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Hi everyone, I wanted to share to things that help me when I'm feeling anxious in hopes that can/will help someone else.

1. When I am at work and my mind starts to wander, I put on nature sounds. It calms me and distracts my brain.

2. Walks-I walk my dog all the time to help clear my head and stay present

3. I listen to podcasts-the anxiety coach is a great one

4. I downloaded a few apps-headspace, calm, etc

Let me know if anyone finds these beneficial.

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great idead may i ask what is podcast?


Anxiety Coach Podcast


Thank you for sharing this!

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whats up jmf3483!

I also just started listening to that podcast, i find it very helpful. I'm trying to meditate at least 3 times a week to start. I've also been reading up on meditation more. I also practice jiu jitsu so that helps with my anxiety. The weather is also getting nicer so I would like to bike ride more often. I've also started journaling, it helps if you pick a topic to journal about or pose a question, or you can just simply write whatever is bothering you, that also helps.

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